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How to find the NBN wall socket?

How to find the NBN wall socket?

How to find the NBN wall socket?


Hey guys. I can’t seem to find a socket in my house to connect my NBN FTTN too. Any tips on how i can track the socket down. The real estate said the last owner had internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here Is how to find the NBN wall socket?

Here Is how to find the NBN wall socket?


The NBN wall socket is the point in your home where your NBN connection meets your internal wiring. To find your NBN wall socket:


How to find the NBN wall socket?

Many homes may have an old yellow NBN socket, a relic from the Telstra days. Alternatively, you might encounter a socket with an RJ11 or RJ45 type connection. Typically, every home should have at least one such socket. To locate it:


  1. Check Every Room: Go through each room in your house. Look for any cables that might be protruding from a hole in the wall without any connection. This could potentially be your internet cable.
  2. Old Alarm Systems: If your home has an old back-to-base alarm system, it might have a phone point. This could be another place to check for the NBN socket.
  3. Flooring Changes: For those living in units that have transitioned from carpet to floorboards, it’s not uncommon (though ill-advised) for skirting sockets to be cut off, especially if the cable previously ran beneath the carpet.
  4. Under the House: If you live in a standalone house, inspect beneath it. Look for yellow or blue cables and trace them. Where they enter the house is likely where you’ll find the socket.
  5. Lead-In Cable Connection: Another possibility is that your connection might be directly to the lead-in cable. To check this, go under the house towards the front. You might spot a conduit emerging from the ground, pointing towards the street. Follow this cable to its entry point into the house, and that’s likely where your socket will be located.


By following these steps, you should be able to locate your NBN wall socket. If you’re still having trouble, consider seeking professional assistance.


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