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NBN dropping out every 10 minutes

Why Is My NBN dropping out every 10 minutes?

Why Is My NBN dropping out every 10 minutes?


I’m so frustrated! My NBN internet keeps cutting out every 10 minutes, like clockwork. I called my service provider, and they basically told me it might be an issue with the wiring inside my house. But here’s the kicker — they won’t fix it for me! They told me to sort it out myself by hiring a private technician.

Any advice on why this keeps happening would be a lifesaver. Cheers!

Here Is why Your NBN Is Dropping Out Every 10 Min

Here Is why Your NBN Is Dropping Out Every 10 Min


I totally get how frustrating constant dropouts can be. Most of the time, the root cause of these issues lies in the internal cabling of your home. If your home was wired before the NBN era, it’s very likely set up in either a star or daisy chain configuration, which is known to cause bridge taps. Bridge taps can drastically reduce your internet speed and even lead to frequent dropouts—sometimes every 10 minutes or so—before the system resets itself.

Additionally, other factors like faulty lead-in cables that connect your home to the street, old cabling, poorly made joins, or even faulty sockets and leads can contribute to the problem.

Given all these possibilities, it’s always a good idea to have an experienced internet technician come in to troubleshoot. They can accurately identify the issue and provide a permanent fix. Hope this helps!

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