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Where is my nbn node?

Where is my nbn node?

Where is my nbn node?


Hi, I’ve been experiencing some intermittent internet issues lately, and I think I might need to reset my NBN modem to see if that fixes the problem. Could you please guide me through the steps to properly reset my NBN modem? I don’t want to mess anything up. Thanks!

Here Is where your nbn node is

Here Is where your nbn node is


The location of your NBN node is determined by the type of NBN connection you have. For those with an nbn™ Fibre to the Node (FTTN) connection, the node is likely to be a street cabinet. This cabinet allows the nbn™ access network signal to travel over a fibre optic line from the exchange, to the cabinet, and then connect with the existing copper network to reach your premises.


Essentially, the fibre node serves as a junction point between the fibre optic infrastructure and the existing copper phone and internet network. The exact location of your node can vary, but it’s typically situated within a close proximity to your residence or business. If you need to find the specific location of your node, it’s best to contact your service provider or NBN Co directly.

Check Here To See the NBN Node Location

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