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Landline doesnt ring no ringer on incomming calls

Why Does My Landline Have No Ring Volume?

Why Does My Landline Have No Ring Volume?


I’m experiencing an issue with my landline phone where it gets a dial tone and can make and receive calls, but it doesn’t ring for incoming calls. I’ve checked the volume settings, but the issue persists. My phone point uses a Cat5e cable, and I’m not sure if this is causing the problem.

Here Is why your Landline Has No Ring Volume?

Here Is why your Landline Has No Ring Volume?


The first common reason for not hearing your phone ring could be a problem on the side of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Normally, your phone should receive AC voltage to signal an incoming call. If this voltage is insufficient, it won’t activate the ringing mechanism in your handset. In some cases, the voltage might be too low, resulting in a faint ringing sound that’s hard to hear.


Many times, service providers mistakenly attribute this issue to a faulty handset or a malfunctioning volume control.


Though you can still make and receive calls, since these functions use DC voltage instead of AC voltage required for the ringing.


The second potential issue could be related to the wiring in your home, especially if you have multiple phone points. If there are more than three sockets in your home, it’s advisable to disconnect all lines except those used for your telephone and internet connection. This can enhance both internet speed and phone reliability.


As a technician, I’ve resolved similar issues by reconfiguring the internal wiring from a star-wired setup to a more efficient layout.


For those living in older houses, it might be worthwhile to hire a technician to rewire your home and replace old sockets. If the problem persists after these adjustments, then contacting your ISP for further assistance would be the next step.


Tip: This advice is also applicable if you’re connected to the NBN network and using a VDSL modem with your phone plugged into the FXS port of your router.

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