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I’m not going to lie to you, wifi extenders are initially cheap. But they do not fix wifi signal issues. I’ll go into more detail on that later, but I want to touch on why wifi extenders make your wifi worse before we get started. The simple answer is a poor wifi network design and making an already bad situation worse with a wifi repeater. We’ll talk about better options that don’t just repeat your wifi signal like a broken record through every room in the house wasting wifi strength instead of enhancing it all for free!

Why wifi extenders don’t work.

Today I am going to give you a quick list of wifi repeater issues then we’ll talk about why wifi mesh networks are the answer. The most common wifi range problems include:

– Wifi not reaching every corner of my house or office building.

– Staying connected is too weak due to dead spots in-home

– Wifi extenders aren’t made for your wifi router or wifi access point.

– Streaming issues (buffering, pauses, drops).

If any of these wifi problems sound familiar, wifi extenders aren’t your solution – they’re part of the problem. You see wifi repeaters are just that…repeating something already bad and taking away from your network’s overall strength. They take a bad wifi signal and try to boost that.

The wifi repeaters on the market today are mostly wifi extenders which do little to help problems with the wifi range in your home or office. This is why you see so many complaints about them online all over forums and review sites. Just go to Amazon and search wifi repeater, then read some of the reviews if you need more proof that wifi extenders stink!

A solution better than wifi boosters and wifi extenders is the latest and greatest in wifi technology, mesh network.

What is Mesh Wifi?


Mesh wifi is a wifi network that uses wifi access points or wifi routers to create a larger wifi network for your home or small business. These wifi mesh networks work in an entirely different way from wifi repeaters and range extenders.

If you are looking for better signal strength, wifi mesh networks can be the solution! With wifi mesh networks, you take multiple wifi routers with multiple antennas which boost your wifi coverage area all over your house even if you have thick walls between rooms and in all directions where most other wifi solutions fail. How does this happen?

In some wireless mesh systems, you plug the access point (router) into a power outlet then connect it to your main router via ethernet cable. It then creates its own wireless wifi network that your wifi devices join. Very cool right?

The wifi mesh networks are better than wifi repeaters because they boost wifi signal strength and coverage without losing any of your original wifi router’s signal since it acts as a wifi extender vs wifi repeater.

When you have multiple wifi routers, the system creates its own wireless. You can even adjust these mesh wifi systems for different environments so if you live in an apartment building or big house, there’s no need to buy expensive parts; just get the basic starter kit then add on more access points strategically where needed (even later on down the road). I’ll talk about this later too along with some wifi mesh wifi system reviews.

Better wifi coverage than wifi extenders and wifi boosters

If you’re in an area with thick walls or wifi range problems, wifi mesh networks are the best solution vs wifi repeaters and wifi booster systems. If your wifi router’s signal is strong but radiating out into every nook and cranny of the house through multiple floors or outer building areas, then a wifi mesh network can be a good option for boosting your home’s wireless internet speed.

How does this work exactly? Like I said before, take multiple access points (router) that create a new network! You plug them into power outlets (in different rooms), connect one to your main wifi router via ethernet cable (or wifi) then they take over wifi duties in that location using your wifi router as the signal.

By adding wifi mesh nodes or wifi access points all throughout your home, you get an even stronger wifi connection to every room and area with no more dead spots! You’ll also have backups wifi routers which can be handy if one system goes down…then just switch to another network node. Visiting guests will also love it since there won’t be any connectivity issues anymore (you can give them a wifi password and log in.

Wifi mesh systems vs wifi repeaters and wifi boosters: how to choose?

Mesh wifi is better than wifi boosters and range extenders for many reasons already mentioned but mainly because of their ability to create wifi networks that cover large areas even through many walls and floors. This is the wifi solution you want if you have wifi problems where other systems fail to fix them.

What’s the best wifi mesh system for yourself? You can’t go wrong with any wifi mesh systems suggested below.

Some Excellent WIFI Mesh Units 

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