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We had a customer today who had just moving over from ADSL to NBN. They were an elderly couple they needed to have all the existing phone sockets work, as they had multiple phone socket throughout the house and relied on the existing phones with flashing lights so they could see when the phone was ringing and when they had voice mail.

They had mobile handsets with a base station, that NBN had moved into the office, originally it was in the hallway and they could see the lights flashing when the phone rang, or someone had left a message. NBN had plugged the base station into the modem phone port, this worked of course but it was not what the customer was used to. So, they contacted us to get all the existing phone sockets working just like before.

In addition to getting all the old phone sockets working on NBN FTTC they also had an old bell that was connected via phone cabling in the garage /shed phone socket. When they where working in the garden in the backyard and the phone rang, they could hear the phone. They wanted us to get this bell working again.  



For this we needed to run the lead-in cable directly to the existing phone socket in the office, then use the other existing cabling to feed the other phone sockets via a new socket that would feed the dial tone from the modem.

We re-routed the old phone cabling to the new socket and closed the internal circuit after testing it for faults. Once we had completed the rewire, we then added a double socket. One that was the beginning of the circuit for the dial tone and the other socket to supply his fax machine with the new NBN FTTC VoIP dial tone.

Once we connected everything, we worked on getting the correct voltage to the bell so it could ring. (trade secrets) Once we had completed all the cabling, we tested it by having the customer call his number with his mobile phone to make sure he was happy.

We loved to see the look on his face when he found that his external phone bell rang once again.

Another happy customer.

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