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Looking for data cabling installation in Sydney? We are the premier data cabling company in Sydney, with over 20 years of experience in data cabling. We only use high quality cables and components that all meet Australian Standards and follow the ACMA guidelines to the letter with all of our installations and repairs. All our work is tested to the highest standards with a rigorous quality control so when you plug your hardware into the network you know you will be getting the fastest speeds possible. We are registered cablers with the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

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Data Cabling Installation Sydney


Super Fast Speeds

We use super fast Cat 6 cable so you are able to get 10 Gbps over 33-55 meters (110-165 feet) of cable and up to 250 MHz, for super fast Ethernet sharing.

Internet Sharing LAN

Share the internet across your network on all devices such as Smart TV’s , Xbox, Play Station, and other media devices that require a LAN connection.

WI-FI Access Points

Have us strategically wire data points in areas of your home or office that have limited to no wireless signal,  WI-FI access point can be connected.

Network Security Cameras

Concerned about security? Running data cables internally and externally for LAN Network security cameras. Keep an eye on things from your mobile device.



Your Computers and Devices Working Together 

Having a wired network in your home or office allows you to have strong and fast Internet connection no matter how far you may log in from your router. Having data cabling installed in certain areas allows for connecting anything that has a Ethernet port to your network, connecting WF-FI access points towards the back of the house allows you to keep surfing the Internet while sunning yourself by the pool, or connecting a networked security system with cameras that can be accessed from any computer or 3G or 4G mobile device. SECURE A COM provides accredited data cablers to install your data cabling requirements. We are able to provide structured cabling for large office spaces in multi-story buildings that have a large requirement for outlets. We also on the other hand provide a first class service to your home or office wiring and terminating your new high speed Cat6 cabled network.


Wi-Fi Access Points

We have all been there, that dam spinning wheel in the center of your WI-FI connected device, or frozen screen in the middle of a clip just when it was about to get interesting, and the uttering of those well worn words “Bugger, lost connection” . Wi-Fi signals dropping out or slowing to a crawl in large home’s and office’s is common, especially if it’s made of bricks or concrete. The only way to correct this problem is to wire Wi-Fi Access points in the black spot areas to boost the range. This way your can keep connected to your Network no matter where you roam at home or in the office.

Data Cabling Sydney

Were it all Comes Together

Running a wired network will require you to consider a few things before you get started. Firstly you will need to have a room in the house or office that will act as your comm’s room. Every cable that is ran to connect to data outlets throughout your building or house will need to run back to this room. You can have these cables terminated in a patch panel if you have a large amount of outlets or we can terminate with RJ45 plugs if its just a few. You will also need a phone socket or cable internet outlet to connect your modem to provide internet connectivity. You will also need to have at least one power point in the room. So for the best data cabling company in
Sydney give us a call to speak to an expert over the phone.

Cat5e Vs Cat6 Cable

Running a wired network with Cat6 cable not only provides your connections a super fast transfer and download speeds, this cable was designed with very high specifications in reducing cross-talk and other system noise. With 10 Gbps over 33-55 meters of cable and a frequency of 250 MHz, if you are setting up any kind of wired network, you would crazy not to use this high spec cable especially when you consider it only cost on average 20% more than Cat5e. This is now becoming the new standard for data cabling your wired computer network. We only use the highest quality products and install them using qualified technician to the product specifications.


The Basics of Computer Networking

Weather you are running a small home based business that has small networking needs or a multi-story office with hundreds of workstations, the hardware you will need to run your network is the same just at different ends of the scales. First you will need the cabling infrastructure to connect all your computers and devices back to the data room or cabinet. All the ends of the data cables will need to be terminated into a patch panel and then mounted within the cabinet. Then you will need a Router, your router is like the brain of your network, it will identify all computers and devices on the network and assign them with an I.P address, to help keep track of everything. You will also need a Switch, this also connects to the router, now you can use patch leads to patch your computers and devices to the ports on your Switch, the Switch is responsible for sending the required signals to your computers and devices. Last but not least the modem, the modem connect to your phone line or cable connection and then to your router. Your modem is responsible for providing your Sync with your local telephone exchange so your can get access to the internet.


Data Network Cabling