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Data Cabling Installations

Need reliability, speed and lag-free performance?

In the complex world of data cabling installations, the importance of meticulous planning and precise execution can’t be overstated. As experienced data cabling contractors would tell you, every step must adhere to industry standards to build a robust and reliable network. Precision is non-negotiable because one small oversight can jeopardise the entire system. The objective is to create a network that not only meets but indeed surpasses your connectivity needs. 

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Precision in Every Cabling Installation

Precision and consideration are top priorities for our team in all of our installations. For aesthetic reasons, our expertise makes sure that network cabling is hidden and out of sight. We are your go-to data cabling experts for bigger commercial projects, methodically setting up your network for top performance and dependability.

Leo Murray
Leo Murray
18 July 2023
Jason did an amazing job troubleshooting my home internet, efficient and professional. If you’re having any internet issues, then I highly recommend
Alex X.
Alex X.
15 June 2023
Fantastic Service. Quick and easy job well done
Tamara Livingstone
Tamara Livingstone
31 May 2023
Amazing experience with Jason. Honest and reliable couldn't have asked for a better person to come out and help us. Highly recommend. Thanks again Jason and the team at secure a com .
Tom Hargreaves
Tom Hargreaves
12 March 2023
Punctual, considerate, and thorough in identifying problems in my existing home networks and providing solutions.
Guy Ingleby
Guy Ingleby
21 February 2023
Great service by Jason. Up and running and he was prompt and on time. Thanks Secure A Com.
Benjamin Johns
Benjamin Johns
21 February 2023
Perfect service! Jason was very professional and efficient. Would highly recommend their company for your electrical needs.
Luci Torres
Luci Torres
5 January 2023
The man from Secure a com was friendly and efficient. The job was to extend the lead in cord for the NBN box so that it could go to the upstairs flat. He was on time and very proffesional and making the appointment was easy. Securacom came out the next day after I phoned them so no wait time. Excellent service.

Residential & Business Data Cabling

For both residential and commercial clients in Sydney, we deliver wired network solutions designed for reliability and performance. Only need one outlet? No worries!

Residential Data Cabling Networks

Experience lag-free gaming and seamless family connectivity with expertly installed data-cabled networks that convert homes into reliable digital fortresses.

Commercial Data Cabling Networks

Enjoy seamless workflow and efficient operations with expertly installed data-cabled networks that transform offices into reliable business hubs, all cost-effectively.

Data Cabling Installations Sydney

Cost considerations for wired networks

How Do We Price Data Cabling Installation?

Whether your project is in a residential or commercial setting, multiple factors such as scope and complexity influence the final pricing of your job.

  1. Is it residential or commercial?
  2. Do you have underfloor and ceiling access?
  3. Do you require cabling over multiple floors?
  4. Do you need ducting or cable trays for open studios?
  5. Do we need special permission and site inductions?
  6. Does your office have a tiled or fixed ceiling?
  7. Can we use conduit on external walls if needed?
  8. Do you need a rack, patch panels and a network switch?
  9. Do you have a factory with a crazy high ceiling? 

Determining the final price for data cabling installations involves a meticulous consideration of multiple factors. Cable lengths, the complexity of the network, the nature of the installation, and specific client needs are just a few elements that can influence the cost. While each situation is unique, we’ve simplified the process by offering four pre-packaged solutions ideal for homes or small businesses requiring up to four cables. These packages are designed to meet basic requirements, providing a cost-effective yet high-quality service. For jobs that may require an on-site visit, you can easily book a quote online through our website. However, if your needs are more intricate and extensive, we recommend calling our office directly at 02 9188 1577.


Home Data Cabling Network Installations In Sydney

Data Cabling Services We Provide

Home Data Cabling Networks

In family homes, the demand for a superfast, reliable, and lag-free internet experience has never been higher. That’s why we offer specialised cabling solutions that provide a direct link to your router or network switch. By utilising CAT 6 cabling, we enable you to fully exploit the 1 Gbps speed capability that wired connections offer. This ensures an unparalleled experience whether you’re streaming 4K movies, playing online games, or conducting video calls. Unlike wifi, a wired CAT 6 connection offers consistent, high-speed internet, minimising interruptions and ensuring reliability when you need it most. Trust us to transform your home into a digital haven.

Usage: Uninterrupted, reliable and lag-free internet experience.

Network Data Cabling Installations - This Is An Data Cable Install In a Cafe In Sydney
Fix Poin Of Sales Sydney For NBN Customer
Checking A Cat 6 Cable As We Are Trying To Network A Granny Flat
Our Tech Troubleshooting A Non Working POS In Sydney

Data Cabling Installs For Shop Fitouts

We offer Sydney-based retailers a streamlined ethernet data cabling solution for their stores. Need to link your point-of-sale systems, computers, and other essential business devices on a secure, reliable LAN network for seamless device communication? We’ve got you covered.

Running Many Data Cables Inside A Factory In Sydney

Data Cable Networks For Factories

Need a top-tier cat6 data cable network for your factory? Our expert team can efficiently wire and connect all your critical devices to a swift, secure, and dependable cat6 network. Whether it’s networking phones, computers, and machinery, or printing over ethernet, we have you covered.

SECURE A COM Fixing Up Messy Data Cabling at an Office In Sydney

Data Cable Networks for Small Offices

Need a secure, fast, and dependable internet setup for your small Sydney office? Switching to an Ethernet-based data cable network can be a game-changer. Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dropouts and enjoy stable, secure internet and networking via cat6 data cabling.


SECURE A COM Running Data Cabling For A Large Office Set Up In Sydney

Data Cable Networks for Large Offices

Got a sizable city office needing 20+ outlets and data cables for workstations, phones, and computers, all routed cleanly back to a comms room and terminated in patch panels? We’re experts in designing and implementing expansive office networks tailored to businesses requiring fast, secure, and reliable data connectivity.

SECURE A COM Showing CAT6 Underground cable at a job in Sydney

Underground Data Cabling

If you’re looking to connect a shed or granny flat with Cat6 data cabling, we’ve got you covered. Did you know there’s a special type of Ethernet cable designed for underground use? Many electricians mistakenly use internal cabling underground, setting a ticking clock on your network that could lead to future issues. Always consult experts when running data cables underground to ensure a reliable, long-lasting solution.

SECURE A COM Installing Data Cabling For A Security Camera

Data Cabling For Security Cameras

Need data cabling for your security cameras? Our team is adept at running and connecting all your cameras seamlessly back to your central security hub. With our help, you’ll have a security system that works flawlessly, giving you peace of mind and safety.

A Structed Cabling Job In Sydney

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is your telecom’s city planner, neatly organising data, voice, and video pathways. Ideal for businesses and data centres, it prevents network chaos and sets you up for future tech advances. For a system this crucial, trusting qualified professionals isn’t optional—it’s an investment in reliable, efficient operations.

SECURE A COM Fixing Up Messy Data Cabling at an Office In Sydney

Data Cabling Clean-Ups

Dealing with a tangle of disorganised data cables that make your business appear cluttered and unprofessional? We’ve got a solution. Our data cabling clean-up service organises, traces, and labels each cable and outlet, clarifying their destinations. This service tucks those network cables out of sight, letting you focus on your business operations.

Getting A Green Pass On A Data Cabling Tester

Data Cabling and Network Troubleshooting

Facing issues with some data outlets not connecting? Our network troubleshooting service is your solution. We efficiently identify and fix faulty cables, sockets, switches, and patch panels. We’re just a call away for any network problems.


Our cost-effective data-cabling packages

Continue reading if you need between 1 to 4 data cables installed in your home or office. We offer four tailored packages for such requirements. Easily book this service through our user-friendly online system. For details on these cost-effective options, keep reading.

Data Cabling Installation Package

What’s Covered In The Package?

At SECURE A COM, we understand that data cabling is the backbone of any reliable network, whether you’re setting up a home office or a corporate workspace. With a track record dating back to 2008, our registered cablers are here to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Unsure what cabling infrastructure best suits you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak with one of our experts for personalised guidance.

If you know exactly what you need, you can easily obtain a quote by calling us at 0291881577 or booking online. We offer a convenient package for smaller requirements of 1 to 4 network cables. These will be run to separate locations in your home or office, and then wired back to a central location, enabling you to make the most of the network ports on your router. Booking this service couldn’t be simpler—just select the number of outlets required, schedule a date and time, and our expert technicians will take care of the installation. Click the button now to connect your space to a fast and reliable data-cabling network.

Expert Technician Labour

Our four distinct data cabling installation packages come with varying labour times. These durations depend on several factors and are mainly tailored for small homes and businesses with convenient access.

For instance, a single data cable installation in a single-story home with underfloor and ceiling access typically takes 1.5 hours. Similarly, if you have an office with an easily accessible, removable tiled ceiling needing one cable run, the job also takes 1.5 hours.

The time estimates for each package assume good access within your home or business. If your situation is more complex, don’t worry. Should the installation exceed the planned time, we’ll simply add an extra labour charge for the additional time needed.

40 km travel included

This package includes travel up to 40 km from our main office location to your residential or business premises. Click here to see our exact office location.

Basic Materials

This package includes 30 meters of CAT6 data cable per cable run, 2 x RJ45- CAT6 sockets for each run, 1 length of conduit for each run, plus basic fixings to complete the task.

Network CableTesting

We always use our data cabling testers before leaving any job, ensuring your new installation is properly wired and terminated for peak performance.

The Price

Starting at $350 + GST for a single cable run, you can view all pricing by clicking the “book your service” button. Ready for your cabling and socket installation? Feel free to book now. For full details, see our terms of service.

Licenced, Insured, Trained and Trusted Tech Service

We pride ourselves on being a team of fully qualified and insured professionals, committed to delivering high-quality service. Our extensive training sets us apart in a field where varying levels of expertise exist.

registered-technician-sydney (2)

Registered Technician

Our skilled internet technicians are not just experienced but also hold open cabling registrations, ensuring that we operate in full compliance with industry rules and regulations.


$20 Million Insured 

We’re backed by $20 million in public liability insurance, offering you peace of mind. In the unlikely event that something goes awry, rest assured, you’re covered.


Network Trained 

Our technicians are required to undergo both customer’s private cabling training and network training. This dual expertise ensures you receive the most comprehensive and best service possible.

technician-police-background-check-sydney (2)

Background Checks

Before setting foot in your home, all our internet technicians have successfully cleared police background checks, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.


We do more than merely Install Data Cabling. We provide a range of services to ensure you stay connected in our digital society. Check out some of the other services we provide.


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