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Is Your Old Telstra Box Falling Apart? Maybe its time To For An MDF Upgrade

If you are having constant issues with your building’s communications

It Maybe time to upgrade your old MDF

It takes less than 1 minute

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No matter what ISP you use we have you covered.

Finally…A Quick & Easy Way To Upgrade You Main Distribution Frame (MDF)

If you keep experiencing problems with an old and outdated MDF (Main Distribution Frame) or sometimes also known as a Telstra Connection Box, we can upgrade your MDF with a modern mainframe, so all your connection points are safe and secure.

If you are thinking about updating your MDF you might not be aware that this is the responsibility of either the Landlord, Strata Company, or Body Corporate. Telstra does not take responsibility for the MDF because the MDF is the point at which all the internal phone lines for that building meet with the Telstra Network cable, so this is an internal issue.

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We are close by and ready to help Sydney & Gold Coast home and business owners get sorted. 

Residential Homes

Providing fault finding and repair on NBN internet services for residential homeowners. 

Commercial Building

We fit out and terminate cabled networks for commercial offices, shops, schools and apartments.

24 Month Guarantee

No risk, no worries. We provide you with a 24 Month guarantee on all our installation workmanship.


If you are experiencing problems with noisy phone lines and slow ADSL speeds, it may be that your MDF is old and outdated. Corroded ports and on an MDF are problematic and can cause a high resistance fault which can slow your ADSL speed to a crawl, and create a crackling sound on your phone line. Upgrading your MDF will provide a seamless connection between the Telstra network and your buildings internal wiring.

SECURE A COM are experts at reducing the time you are offline for while we replace your MDF. We can create a detailed list or map of all the connections from A side to B side of your MDF and list all the units or offices that each phone number or ADSL line connect to.

Here’s A Brief Outline Of Why You Should Get An MDF Upgrade

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Added Security

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Corrosion on the terminals

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Loose connections

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Speed Up Your NBN Service

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Look’s messy and cluttered

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Stop NBN Dropouts

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Wires can be pulled out

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Loose connections

Some of the businesses who trust us with their internet services.


We are the best private NBN technician service you will find anywhere. We are ACMA registered technician who has been servicing our clients for over 15 years. We can do the same for you.

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