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Fibre Optic Cable Repair

NBN Fibre Optic Helper

Need Help With your NBN Fibre Cable For FTTP?

Do you need your NBN fibre cable—capable of high-bandwidth data transmission—repaired, replaced, or relocated? Whether it’s a loose connection, an accidental break, or a flaw caused by fatigue, SECURE A COM can handle it. We re-install and connect your fibre to your FTTP NBN box swiftly and efficiently. With over 114 glowing Google reviews, trust us to provide reliable, top-notch service for all your fibre cable needs.

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NBN Fibre Cable And Box Issues?

If your NBN Fibre connection box that is installed inside your home or office might not have been installed in the most convenient location. Usually, the installing NBN contractor will only install your Network Termination Device (NTD) aka NBN connection box, 1.8 meters from the Premises Connection Device (PCD) Aka the utility box. The cable that runs between these two boxes is a fibre optic cable. We can help with the installation and repair of this cable and the relocation of your NTD. Read on to find out more.

Leo Murray
Leo Murray
18 July 2023
Jason did an amazing job troubleshooting my home internet, efficient and professional. If you’re having any internet issues, then I highly recommend
Alex X.
Alex X.
15 June 2023
Fantastic Service. Quick and easy job well done
Tamara Livingstone
Tamara Livingstone
31 May 2023
Amazing experience with Jason. Honest and reliable couldn't have asked for a better person to come out and help us. Highly recommend. Thanks again Jason and the team at secure a com .
Tom Hargreaves
Tom Hargreaves
12 March 2023
Punctual, considerate, and thorough in identifying problems in my existing home networks and providing solutions.
Guy Ingleby
Guy Ingleby
21 February 2023
Great service by Jason. Up and running and he was prompt and on time. Thanks Secure A Com.
Benjamin Johns
Benjamin Johns
21 February 2023
Perfect service! Jason was very professional and efficient. Would highly recommend their company for your electrical needs.
Luci Torres
Luci Torres
5 January 2023
The man from Secure a com was friendly and efficient. The job was to extend the lead in cord for the NBN box so that it could go to the upstairs flat. He was on time and very proffesional and making the appointment was easy. Securacom came out the next day after I phoned them so no wait time. Excellent service.

Residential & Business NBN Fibre Services

For homes and businesses alike in Sydney, we dispatch an internet technician to your residence or workplace, to provide help with your FTTP services.

Residential Phone Service Call

Need your NTD relocated inside your home or maybe you have accidentally damaged your fibre cable. We got you. 

Commercial Service Calls

Having renovations done and need your NTD disconnected until the construction is completed? No worries give us a call

Internet Technician Services For Residential and Businesses

Our NBN Fibre Services

We don’t have any service packages for these services. Please use our contact form to leave us a description of your NBN fibre issue, and we will respond quickly. Alternatively, you can have a technician come onsite a provide you with a fixed quote. 

NBN NTD Relocation

Has your NBN box been installed in a location inside your home that is inconvenient? We provide you with an NTD relocation service to hide that box away. Don’t let that big box on your wall get you down. 

Fibre Replacement PCD to NTD

If for some reason you have damaged your fibre cord that runs from the outside NBN PCD box to the inside NTD box then we can replace this cable for you so you can enjoy your internet again. 

Pre-NBN Fibre Upgrade. 

We help our customers to have the NTD installed in the location they choose not where NBN want it. If you are about to get the fibre upgrade we can come in a do what needs to be done 

NBN Socket From Fibre Box NTD

A lot of the time the NTD will be installed inside your garage. Trying to get a Wi-Fi signal from there can be a challenge. We run a CAT6 cable from the NTD to where you want so you can plug in your router. 

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