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Need to have that NBN issue resolved once and for all?

In Sydney and dealing with internet faults? Since 2008, SECURE A COM has specialised in quickly diagnosing and repairing issues as your private NBN technician for homes and offices. Our skilled techs fine-tune voice, data, and NBN cabling for optimal performance. Looking for reliable, expert NBN and fault-finding services? Click ‘Book Your Service’ to see pricing, or read on for details. 

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Why Do I Need Private NBN Techs?

When your ISP diagnoses the problem as a customer private cabling issue, they’re not obligated to help further. That’s where we step in. We solve your NBN issue and if the fault is actually in the NBN network, our ISP report enables you to get a full refund for our service call. Ready to resolve your NBN issues? Book now.

Leo Murray
Leo Murray
18 July 2023
Jason did an amazing job troubleshooting my home internet, efficient and professional. If you’re having any internet issues, then I highly recommend
Alex X.
Alex X.
15 June 2023
Fantastic Service. Quick and easy job well done
Tamara Livingstone
Tamara Livingstone
31 May 2023
Amazing experience with Jason. Honest and reliable couldn't have asked for a better person to come out and help us. Highly recommend. Thanks again Jason and the team at secure a com .
Tom Hargreaves
Tom Hargreaves
12 March 2023
Punctual, considerate, and thorough in identifying problems in my existing home networks and providing solutions.
Guy Ingleby
Guy Ingleby
21 February 2023
Great service by Jason. Up and running and he was prompt and on time. Thanks Secure A Com.
Benjamin Johns
Benjamin Johns
21 February 2023
Perfect service! Jason was very professional and efficient. Would highly recommend their company for your electrical needs.
Luci Torres
Luci Torres
5 January 2023
The man from Secure a com was friendly and efficient. The job was to extend the lead in cord for the NBN box so that it could go to the upstairs flat. He was on time and very proffesional and making the appointment was easy. Securacom came out the next day after I phoned them so no wait time. Excellent service.

Residential & Business Tech Service Calls

For both residential and commercial clients in Sydney, we send a private NBN technician to your home or business, so you enjoy a seamless online experience like never before. 

Residential Phone Service Call

We deliver fast and effective NBN fault-finding services to homes across Sydney, ensuring seamless connectivity when you need it most. Choose the specialists. 

Commercial Service Calls

Quick and efficient private NBN technicians for fault-finding solutions to commercial businesses across Sydney, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations when it’s crucial. 

Internet Technician Services For Residential and Businesses

 We Do More Than Just Fix Internet

What Else Can A private NBN Technician Do? 

Fixing faults with your NBN internet service is only part of the job. We provide cost-effective installation packages for connecting to NBN. Needing a socket relocated or maybe a new CAT6 cabled network for your home or office?

Our private technician service does one thing exceptionally well, and that’s keeping you connected. So, no matter what your needs for voice, internet and data, we got you. 

  1. Cabling and conduit for network connections.
  2. NBN socket installation, allows you to plug in
  3. NBN cabling installations allow you to connect
  4. MDF jumpering connects NBN to your office or unit.
  5. MDF upgrades to keep your buildings’ coms top-notch.
  6. Cabled networks for homes and business connectivity.
  7. Wi-Fi amplification to give every room high-speed wifi
  8. NBN VoIP connected to old phone sockets. Dial tone!
  9. GSM emergency lift phones. Keeping people safe.
  10. Wireless Network Bridges connect very far away.
  11. On-site advice for anything voice, data, or internet.

Private NBN Technician services tackle the fundamental problems people encounter with NBN internet connectivity. Looking for a straightforward way to get online? Our NBN socket installations offer a hassle-free plug-in solution. For businesses or residential units needing to connect to the NBN, our MDF Jumpering and network cabling services create a stable and reliable link.
We excel in finding and fixing internet faults, going the extra mile to ensure your issues are resolved for good. If you’re dealing with weak Wi-Fi, we offer a targeted solution that boosts coverage, so you won’t have to worry about Wi-Fi issues again; it just works.
For those needing customised guidance on voice, data, or internet configurations, we provide on-site consultations to identify and address your unique challenges efficiently.
To learn more about our specialised NBN fault-finding package aimed at pinpointing and resolving issues accurately, keep reading.


Private NBN Technician Service In Sydney Keeping You Connected

How Does Your Private NBN Technician Service Work?

How To Find The Right Service?

Slide down this page, and behold a cornucopia of services we’ve got on tap, each bundled with hands-on expertise and the precise gear to effortlessly finish your gig.

Think we’ve got it all? Not quite. Should you need a custom solution you can’t spot here, simply give us a bell and consult our masterminds. We’re all ears.

Videos: We have a number of video examples showing our expertise.

Take a look through our service packages. 

Ever felt like you’re juggling too many balls when it comes to your NBN service? Imagine having just one reliable go-to for all your connection needs. Voila! Enter the private NBN technician—a maestro orchestrating a symphony of phone, internet, and data services, so you can relish the sweet music of high-speed, reliable connectivity. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for your digital life. Don’t fumble through the challenges; click that button for pricing and details. Elevate your connectivity!

NBN Internet Fault Finding Service

Frustrated with shaky NBN? Expert NBN Internet Fault Finding swiftly resolves slow speeds and dropouts. Enjoy reliable, high-speed connectivity. 

NBN Cable Installation Service

Need NBN cabling installed? Our techs specialise in cable installation so you can enjoy reliable, high-speed internet over NBN without the fuss. 

NBN Socket Installation Service

Need a socket relocated or installed new? Our private technician can Install a socket in the location you choose, offering you faster internet and reliable connectivity. .

Wired CAT6 Home & Office Networks

Our technician can elevate your connectivity with Wired CAT6 Home & Office Networks. Enjoy faster speeds, lower latency, and seamless multitasking.

WIFI & Wireless Solutions

Our private technician can turn your unstable Wi-Fi into a reliable network. Benefit from faster downloads and seamless streaming across all devices.

MDF & IDF Connections For Buildings

A private NBN tech will connect your unit or office through the MDF and IDFs to the NBN network, improving internet speed and reliability in multi-storey buildings. 

Full MDF & IDF Upgrades

A Private Technician can upgrade your MDF & IDF, improving internet speed and reliability. Benefit from efficient data flow and fewer connectivity issues.

NBN Lead-In Cable Installation & Repairs

A private NBN technician can swiftly diagnose and fix your NBN Lead-In Cable issues. We also provide comprehensive new and replacement lead-in cable services.

Emergency 4G GSM Dialers For Lifts

Emergency 4G GSM Dialer for lifts are a crucial safety measure. A technician can install this fail-safe, ensuring communication even when the main line is down.

Long-Range Internet & Data Transmission

Long-range internet and data transmission offers a seamless way to wirelessly connect buildings over many meters, or kilometres. Benefit from high-speed, reliable connectivity that effortlessly extends your network. 

On-Site Advice for Voice, Internet and Data

On-Site Advice service offers you the expertise of a  Technician for advice for all things voice, internet, and data. 

What About The Different Kinds Of NBN Technologies?

Picture this: one day you’re cruising along the information superhighway, and the next, you hit a digital pothole. No worries! A private NBN technician is your pit stop for all things connectivity. We’re talking fault-finding wizardry and bespoke cable and socket installations for all NBN technologies—FTTC, FTTN, FTTP, HFC, you know the rest, you name it. Don’t let tech hiccups break your stride. Read on to find out more and see videos of real-world examples of our private technicians in the field.

Click image to watch

Fibre To The Node (FTTN)

Fibre to the Node is an NBN technology that fuses fibre-optic and copper cables. While it’s not as fast as full-fibre, the right cabling can boost your service. Trust qualified experts for seamless installations. We can install and repair this type of service for your home or business.

Click image to watch

Fibre To The Curb (FTTC)

Fibre To The Curb (FTTC) is an NBN broadband method that uses fibre-optic cables up to a location close to your home and then links to existing copper wiring. For dependable, rapid internet, proper cabling is essential. We can adeptly install and repair this type of service for your home or business. We are the go-to private NBN tech service for FTTC.

Click image to watch

Fibre To The Building (FTTB)

Fibre To The Building (FTTB) is an advanced NBN technology that uses fibre-optic cables up to a building’s comms room and then relies on existing copper lines for unit-level distribution. For uninterrupted, fast internet, proper cabling is key. We can install and repair this kind of service for your home or business.

Click image to watch

Fibre The The Premises (FTTP)

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is a top-tier NBN technology that routes internet straight to your home or office via fibre-optic cables, ensuring sturdy, reliable service. To optimise your internet experience, the right cabling is crucial. We can install and repair this kind of service for your home or business.


Click image to watch

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) is a versatile NBN technology that merges fibre-optic and coaxial cables for speedy, dependable internet. Correct installation of HFC cables is key for uninterrupted online connectivity. We can install and repair this kind of service for your home or business.

Click image to watch

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables voice calls via the Internet rather than using a standard phone line. This tech transforms your voice into digital packets for web transmission. For flawless, high-quality calls, the right cabling setup is crucial. We can install and repair this type of service for your home or business.

Private NBN Technician Services

To see all of our service packages click the “Book Service” now. This will provide you with all our comprehensive packages that can be booked online now. If you need something that requires a tailor-made approach please feel free to get in touch and we will respond quickly. 


What’s Covered In Our Service Call?

Experiencing an unreliable internet connection or complete service outage is incredibly frustrating. We dispatch skilled technicians to your home or office to promptly diagnose and resolve your internet difficulties. If you’re facing an NBN issue and your ISP suggests consulting an independent expert, we are your ideal choice. For further information, simply tap the button below.

Once clicked, our intuitive online booking platform will guide you to pick the most convenient date and time for your visit. Let’s restore your internet to peak performance.

Established in Sydney in 2008, we’ve earned a name for delivering rapid and effective solutions for internet troubles. Our extensive experience comes right to your doorstep, reinstating your internet connectivity to its maximum efficiency.

Expert Technician Labour

This package includes an hour-long visit from our expert fault-finding technician. The majority of NBN faults can typically be resolved within this one-hour timeframe.

40 km travel included

This package includes travel up to 40 km from our main office location to your residential or business premises. Click here to see our exact office location.

Basic Materials

This package comes with basic materials needed for service repairs. However, it does not include the cost of new sockets and additional cabling.

ISP Report Including Video

If we discover the fault is within the NBN network, we’ll promptly contact your ISP and provide you with a detailed report, including video evidence for clarification.

Packages & Pricings

Can’t find what you are looking for here? No worries, click here to see our full list of packages you can book online.

Travel To Your Location


We travel to your Sydney location

Tolls included in price

Tech in transit included

40 km travel of travel

We cover all of Sydney

Extra travel over 40 km

Parking cots

Internet Tech Service 


Internet Tech service

Fix Internet Dropouts

Fix Slow Internet

Fix Non Working Internet

Help with home network setup

Repair Internet cables and sockets

Repair Internet cables and sockets

Your Technician 


1 hour onsite labour

Expert ASIAL registered technician

Expert fault finding technician

ISP report for network faults

Works on all NBN technology

Works on all NBN technology

Works on all NBN technology

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For Private NBN Technician

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