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In Sydney and need a new phone line installation? Look no further. Think of a bad installation as a flat tire on a Ferrari—it slows you down. Dropped calls, slow internet, you name it. We’ve been the trusted experts since 2008, solving complex issues for Telstra and private clients alike. Whether it’s NBN for home or multiple lines for office VoIP, we ensure smooth sailing over troubled tech waters.

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New Phone Line Service Package

After many years of installing thousands of phone lines into Aussie family homes and businesses, we’ve gained a deep understanding of what is essential, and what isn’t, when it comes to assembling a comprehensive service package for new phone line installations. We’ve designed this package to include everything you’ll need to set up a new phone line and even a new socket for your home or business. Read on for complete details, or book your service now.

Leo Murray
Leo Murray
18 July 2023
Jason did an amazing job troubleshooting my home internet, efficient and professional. If you’re having any internet issues, then I highly recommend
Alex X.
Alex X.
15 June 2023
Fantastic Service. Quick and easy job well done
Tamara Livingstone
Tamara Livingstone
31 May 2023
Amazing experience with Jason. Honest and reliable couldn't have asked for a better person to come out and help us. Highly recommend. Thanks again Jason and the team at secure a com .
Tom Hargreaves
Tom Hargreaves
12 March 2023
Punctual, considerate, and thorough in identifying problems in my existing home networks and providing solutions.
Guy Ingleby
Guy Ingleby
21 February 2023
Great service by Jason. Up and running and he was prompt and on time. Thanks Secure A Com.
Benjamin Johns
Benjamin Johns
21 February 2023
Perfect service! Jason was very professional and efficient. Would highly recommend their company for your electrical needs.
Luci Torres
Luci Torres
5 January 2023
The man from Secure a com was friendly and efficient. The job was to extend the lead in cord for the NBN box so that it could go to the upstairs flat. He was on time and very proffesional and making the appointment was easy. Securacom came out the next day after I phoned them so no wait time. Excellent service.

Residential & Business Phone Lines

For both residential and commercial clients in Sydney, we install phone lines inside your business or family home, so you enjoy a seamless online experience. Connect today!

Residential Phone Line Installs

Enjoy uninterrupted calls and reliable connectivity with expertly installed phone lines that turn your home or business into a reliable communications and online hub.

Commercial Phone Line Installs

Experience smooth communication and efficient operations with expertly installed new phone lines, enhancing the reliability of your office—all in a cost-effective manner.

Internet Technician Services For Residential and Businesses

How Do We Price our phone line installs?

The many variables to pricing a new phone line

For jobs that don’t fit our standard packages, we use a multifaceted pricing approach. However, when it comes to new phone line installations, the cost primarily hinges on 2 things. How good is the access, and what is the scope? Here are a few things we need to consider when pricing.

  1. Do you have underfloor and ceiling access?
  2. Do you require the line on the second or third floor?
  3. Do you want the line in a garage or a granny flat?
  4. Are your inside walls brick, concrete, gyprock, or tile?
  5. Do we need special permission and site inductions?
  6. Does your office have a tiled or fixed ceiling?
  7. Do you have a network lead-in cable?
  8. Do you live in a unit with limited access?
  9. Are you a factory that needs a line from the MDF?
  10. Do you need the cable to come in overhead?

Deciphering the price and timeline for installing a new telephone line can be influenced by a variety of elements. A single-level residence with straightforward access to underfloor and ceiling spaces typically translates to a more rapid and cost-effective project. However, if you’re considering a socket installation on a higher floor, anticipate both the complexity and expense to rise. Structural obstacles like concrete barriers in flats or unusual ceiling designs in offices may affect the final estimate. For multi-tenant buildings, it’s crucial to establish whether wall conduits are permitted. Certain jobs might even require special site inductions or training courses. Diverse NBN technologies such as FTTP and HFC come with their own set of installation prerequisites. To get an exact quote, open dialogue with us is crucial. For a comprehensive overview of the phone line installations we provide, continue reading.

What are the different kind of phone line installations

How The Analogue Phone Line  Morphed Into Digital

What Is Your New Phone Line Doing?

When we talk about phone lines today, the landscape has vastly evolved. Gone are the days when analogue signals were sent from your local exchange to a clunky wall-mounted telephone. In today’s digital age, those very same copper cables are responsible for carrying digital signals from a fibre optic node.

The fibre optic technology may extend right up to the outside of your home, or even inside it. In some instances, it may be located further away. Regardless, copper phone lines remain essential for covering that final stretch—be it meters or kilometres—to deliver the signal to your router. This complex interplay between fibre and copper ensures you stay connected in this new digital world. 

Videos: We have a number of video examples showing our expertise.

Just Need a Phone Line and Socket To Connect To NBN?

If you’re among the majority of customers seeking phone line installations, chances are you simply need a cable and socket set up within your home or office. Why? So you can connect your modem or router to the internet, of course. If you’re a no-nonsense individual looking for a straightforward solution, our cable and socket installation package is just what you need. If you’re curious about what this package entails, or if you have different installation needs, feel free to read on.

Phone Line & Socket Package

We understand the annoyance of moving into a new home and discovering there are no phone lines or sockets for your modem or router. Over the years, we’ve assisted thousands of Sydney families in installing the essential phone lines and sockets they need to connect.

What Are The Different Technologies Your Phone Line Carries?

As mentioned earlier, it’s no longer just a traditional PSTN analogue phone line from your local Sydney exchange. With the advent of the NBN and what some call the “Great Australian Internet Upgrade,” your voice and internet services now rely on a variety of technologies. These technologies come with their own unique requirements and demand different skill levels for successful connections. To learn more about this evolving landscape, read on.

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Fibre To The Node (FTTN)

Fibre To The Node (FTTN) is a broadband delivery technology utilised by the NBN. It employs a mix of fibre-optic cables and existing copper lines to deliver internet to your home. While it may not offer the speeds of a full-fibre connection, proper cabling can optimise your service. Trust experts to install the right cables to get you connected seamlessly.

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Fibre To The Curb (FTTC)

Fibre To The Curb (FTTC) is a broadband technology deployed by NBN to bridge the gap between fast, reliable internet and your home. It utilises fibre optic cables to a point near your residence, then connects to your existing copper lines. For seamless, high-speed connectivity, it’s crucial to install the right cabling, which we can expertly handle for you.

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Fibre To The Building (FTTB)

Fibre To The Building (FTTB) is a cutting-edge technology deployed by NBN to deliver high-speed internet. It involves running a fibre optic line to the building’s communications room, from where existing copper lines distribute the service to individual units. With the right cables in place, seamless connectivity is just a call away.

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Fibre The The Premises (FTTP)

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is a high-speed NBN technology that delivers internet directly to your home or business. It uses fibre-optic cables to ensure robust and reliable connectivity. If you’re looking to maximise your internet performance, proper cabling is essential, and we can install the right cables to get you connected.


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Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) is one of the technologies utilised by Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN). It combines fibre optic and coaxial cables to deliver fast and reliable internet. With the right installation of HFC cables, you can enjoy seamless connectivity for all your online activities.

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Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless is a technology deployed by the National Broadband Network (NBN) to bring high-speed internet to rural and remote areas. Using radio signals from a nearby tower, this technology provides a stable and reliable internet connection. Our team can professionally install the right cables to get you seamlessly connected.

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Wide Area Network (WAN)

A Wide Area Network (WAN) connects multiple local area networks (LANs) over large geographical distances. It enables seamless communication and data sharing among offices, factories, and branches in various locations. Utilising the right cabling is crucial for optimal performance; we can expertly install the necessary cables to ensure you’re well-connected.

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make voice calls using an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. This technology converts your voice into digital data packets, which are then transmitted over the web. To ensure seamless and high-quality communication, proper cabling infrastructure is essential, and the right cables can be installed to get you connected effortlessly.

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Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN)

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is an analogue phone system that predates digital and mobile communications. This technology uses circuit-switched telephony between phone sets and exchanges to facilitate voice communication. Though increasingly rare, it persists predominantly in rural Australia. The good news is that the right cabling can still get you connected seamlessly.

Phone Line & Socket Package

Searching for an uncomplicated phone line and socket fix? Our package suits 80% of customer needs and includes laying a new cable within your home or office, plus setting up a new socket wherever you choose. Read on to learn more, or book your service now.

What Are The Various Kinds Of Phone Line Installations?

Now that we know various technologies still rely on phone lines to provide you with fast and reliable internet, let’s focus on the installation. The gap between wanting excellent internet and actually enjoying it boils down to how well the installation is done. Ideally, it’s something you should only have to consider once. After the installation is complete, your internet should simply work without requiring further thought. This is precisely what we aim to achieve with our phone line installations.

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Inside Your House

Experience hassle-free phone line installations in your family home. Our service efficiently identifies your specific needs to ensure a stable, high-quality phone connection. From initial assessment to final setup, we utilise the right cables to get you connected reliably.

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Inside Your Office

Facing issues with your office phone connectivity? Our phone line installation service efficiently addresses this critical need. Specialising in fault detection and tailored setups, we ensure seamless communication for your business operations. Rest assured, we install the right cables to get you connected without a hitch.

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Inside Your Factory

For factories in need of seamless communication, look no further. Our phone line installation service ensures that all your phone, internet, and data services are interconnected and fully operational. Utilising industry-approved cabling, we install the right cables to get you connected efficiently and reliably.

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Making Network Connections at MDF

MDF jumpering is an essential service for establishing network connections at your Main Distribution Frame (MDF). This process involves creating a link between your individual phone or internet line and the larger network. By selecting and installing the right cables, you’ll be assured of a seamless and reliable connection.

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Large Underground Phone Cable Links

Specialising in Large Underground Multi-Paired Phone Cable Installation, our service is designed to meet the complex communication needs of Estates, Retirement Villages, Industrial Complexes, and Sporting Grounds. We seamlessly link IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frames) across different buildings within your complex, creating a robust and reliable cabled communications network.

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Aerial Lead-In Cable Installations

Aerial Lead-In Cable Installations are crucial for a seamless NBN connection. Whether it’s FTTC, FTTN, or HFC technology, this service ensures that your home or business is fully integrated into the NBN network. By strategically placing and securing cables from external utility poles to your premises, we eliminate the hassle and complexities often involved. The objective is simple: to install the right cables that reliably get you connected to high-speed internet.

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Underground Lead-In Cable Installations

Introducing Underground Lead-In Cable Installations, a critical service for seamless NBN connectivity at your home or business. Whether it’s FTTP, FTTN, or HFC technology, we’ve got you covered in Sydney. We expertly install the precise underground cabling you need, ensuring you’re connected reliably. With the right cables in place, your internet is set to perform at its optimum.

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GSM Emergency Lift Phones

GSM lift phones serve as an essential safety feature for homes and businesses, offering immediate communication in emergency situations. With dependable cellular connectivity, these lift phones ensure seamless and reliable communication when you need it most. Expertly installed cabling ensures you’re effortlessly connected.

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Network Cabling For VoIP

Need CAT6 network cabling for your IP phones? We can seamlessly install and route all your phone cabling back to a patch panel, facilitating easy upgrades. If you’re looking to equip your office with reliable cabling that won’t let you down, get in touch to find out more.

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Wireless Data Bridge

Need to extend your internet and voice services to another building over a long distance? We offer expert design and setup to wirelessly transmit your internet at high speeds, even over distances of up to 10 kilometres. Check out the video for an example.

Phone Line and Socket Installation Package

In search of a hassle-free phone line and socket option? Our streamlined package is tailored for 80% of our clients and is suitable for both homes and offices. We’ll run a new cable to your chosen location and set up a new socket there. Making an internet connection has never been simpler. Read on for full details or book your service today.

Phone Line Installation Service Call Details

What’s Covered In The Service Call?

Phone line installations are essential for reliable communication, whether you’re at home or in an office setting. With expertise dating back to 2008, our certified cablers are here to offer tailored solutions for your specific needs. Unsure which phone line installation is right for you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch for expert advice.

For a straightforward quote, simply give us a call today at 02 9188 1577 or book online. Our special package is perfect for most needs, covering a single phone socket and a single cable run. Like 80% of our satisfied customers, this is often all you need to connect to the NBN. The lines are routed to your desired room and centrally connected. Booking is easy—pick your requirements, set the date, and our technicians take care of the rest. Click now to establish your reliable phone line connection. Let’s get you connected!

Expert Technician Labour

This package includes a 1.5-hour-long visit from our expert cabling technician. The majority of single socket and cable installs can typically be installed within this 1.5-hour timeframe, if it’s a single-story tiled roof house, with underfloor access. This also applies to most small offices and shop settings. If you’re unsure, request a quote.

40 km travel included

This package includes travel up to 40 km from our main office location to your residential or business premises. Click here to see our exact office location.

Basic Materials

This package includes 30 meters of high-quality cable, one single socket, and one length of conduit, along with basic fixings and connectors for a comprehensive installation.

Router Plugin and Testing

Upon completing the installation, we’ll plug in all components and rigorously test the system to ensure everything is functioning in the correct order.

Licenced, Insured, Trained and Trusted Tech Service

We pride ourselves on being a team of fully qualified and insured professionals, committed to delivering high-quality service. Our extensive training sets us apart in a field where varying levels of expertise exist.

registered-technician-sydney (2)

Registered Technician

Our skilled internet technicians are not just experienced but also hold open cabling registrations, ensuring that we operate in full compliance with industry rules and regulations.


$20 Million Insured 

We’re backed by $20 million in public liability insurance, offering you peace of mind. In the unlikely event that something goes awry, rest assured, you’re covered.


Network Trained 

Our technicians are required to undergo both customer’s private cabling training and network training. This dual expertise ensures you receive the most comprehensive and best service possible.


Background Checks

Before setting foot in your home, all our internet technicians have successfully cleared police background checks, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.


We do more than merely install phone lines. We provide a range of services to ensure you stay connected in our digital society. Check out some of the other services we provide.


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