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Our techs are awesome. You won’t find better. We think on our feet and use a methodical approach to fault-finding. Bright minds for a brighter future.


We take great pride in providing our clients with A1 customer service and support. We only want to do the job once, so we always do it well.


We deliver our service to you from the first contact to a completed job or project in a 100% professional manner. Our Google reviews speak for themselves.

At secure a com , we do things differently from other tech services

We have seen many changes in the telecommunications industry over the last 30 years, and not all of them good. After the privatisation of Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure, we have sadly seen a decline in how the end-user and the network have been treated.  Quality workmanship and high-level customer service had been left by the wayside and outsourced call centres and undertrained and underpaid field contractors are all the rage.

Our mission is to make your experience with us a pleasure. We want to do our part to unfuck just a little bit of what is a giant mess, AKA the telecommunications industry. We love our industry and hope by going that extra mile for our customers we can be that little shining star in the endless darkness.

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For the first chapter of our journey, we worked as network technicians. Doing contract work for Telstra. We performed all kinds of tasks for Telstra, from cutting over old lengths of cable and joints to cabling up entire DA’s including pillar, lead-in cables, CAN’s, rod rope and cable haul. We then got an I&M contract with Telstra. Providing installations and fault finding on all network cabling.

In the second chapter, we saw the conditions taking a nosedive in how the network and contractors had been managed. From our day to day customer interactions we saw a hole that needed to be filled in our industry. We decided to go it alone with the hope of providing our service and skills directly to the public. With a big percentage of internet problems not inside the network, our businesses took off.

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The Future 

Currently, we are only operating out of Sydney. We take calls from people across Australia who are looking for a service like ours. We have been a small but effective operation and now we want to bring our service to more locations across Australia. So it’s time for us to spread our wings. Soon to have techs in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  We will soon be expanding our range of services to cover even more ways to be a complete tech solution for our customers.


We are the best private NBN technician service you will find anywhere. We are ACMA registered technician who has been servicing our clients for over 15 years. We can do the same for you.

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