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Chapter 1 : Fixing Up The Telstra Network

It all began around 1997 on the C.A.N 2000 project for Telstra. I was a supervisor/manager for ERG and ran large teams to upgrade the Telstra network all across Sydney. I developed an keen understanding on how the network is built and how to deal with Telstra.

Chapter 2 : Out On My Own

After some time I decided to go it alone, firstly as a sole trader and picked up working doing many kinds of installation from, lead-in cables, Pillar installs, 2-100 pair cables haul and joint, cut-overs, and wiring many new estates on the South Coast. 

Chapter 3 : SECURE A COM & I&M

After a few years of doing installs I retrained again working for Service Stream and became a fault finder, and installation contractor working on the I&M project. This is when I registered my business name and worked for over 10 years finding and fixing faults and providing ADSL and POTs line installations. 

Chapter 4 : No Safety Net

After seeing how standards and Telstra practices started to become a problem for me, I decided that I would better serve customer by being 100% a private business and cut all contracts with Telstra. After a lot of hard work and a massive learning curve the phone started to ring and the wheels of my business started to turn.   

Chapter 5 : Thanks To You.

I have never taken anything or anyone for granted when it comes to my business. It’s because of you that I am able to run this successful business and do something I love. Everyone of our clients is so important to our success so we will always go above and beyond to make sure that you have the best level of service possible. 


Jason Kearney


I started out my working life as an electrician, but after a few years I developed more of an interest towards the data and communications side of cabling equipment and processes, working on many large-scale structured data cabling installations. I worked in a management and supervisory roll in a…

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