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MDF Upgrade

If you keep experiencing problems with an old and outdated MDF (Main Distribution Frame) or sometime also called a Telstra Connection Box, we can upgrade your MDF with a modern main frame so all your connection points are safe and secure. If you are thinking about updating your MDF you might not be aware that this is the responsibility of either the Landlord, Strata Company, or Building Manager. Telstra does not take responsibility of the MDF because the MDF is the point at which all the internal phone lines for that building meet with the Telstra Network cable, so in this case the responsibility falls back to the manages of that particular building. Click on the link to find out more about what an MDF is?


Need an MDF Upgrade??

SECURE A COM can upgrade your MDF with a minimum amount of disruption to your building. If you’re a landlord, building manager, strata company, or body corporate or builder and have been in need of an MDF upgrade, work with the most reputable communications company in Sydney, SECURE A COM.

Why Upgrade your MDF?

If you are experiencing problems with noisy phone lines and slow ADSL speeds, it may be that your MDF is old and outdated. Corroded ports and on an MDF are problematic and can cause a high resistance fault which can slow your ADSL speed to a crawl, and create a crackling sound on your phone line. Upgrading your MDF will provide a seamless connection between the Telstra network and your buildings internal wiring.

SECURE A COM are experts at reducing the time you are offline for while we replace your MDF. We can create a detailed list or map of all the connections from A side to B side of your MDF and list all the units or offices that each phone number or ADSL line connect to. Unsightly MDF’s life the image on the right come with a number of problems, I will provide a list below.

Problems with old style MDF 

1. Corrosion on the Terminals 

2. Loose Connections 

3. High Resistance Fault

4. Wires can be Accidentally be Pulled from Terminals

5. Look’s Messy and Cluttered.