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Have you just moved over to a new NBN service? Is your old phone system not compatible with NBN VoIP? Not to worry, there is a solution, and we can help you through every step of the way. We are Sydney’s most trusted telecommunications professionals. We can provide a Cloud-Based PABX’s hosted service for small and large businesses. Why pay for a bulky old phone system that will need maintaining though it’s lifespan when you can have a virtual PABX with even more features.

Cloud Based PBX Phone System
PABX System

NBN Cloud-Based PBX Phone System

nbn-socket-check Have multiple phone numbers for your business

nbn-socket-check Transfer calls to other extensions on your system globally for free

nbn-socket-check Interactive Voice Response for a professional introductions 

nbn-socket-check Voicemail to email so you can be emailed your voicemails anywhere

nbn-socket-check Confrence Call so you can set up virtual confrence room 

nbn-socket-check Music on hold and much much more

Hosted Cloud PBX

With any small or large business, one of the most important parts of running your company is communications. Talking to clients and staff is essential. Many of us have been using a hardware phone system, like Commander, NEC or Panasonic. This PBX would sit in a room somewhere and routes calls, issue voicemails, call hold music and all the other traditional types of commands a PABX would provide. NBN brings a change to all of us. With your old PSTN copper lines soon to be a thing of the past cloud phone system offers the very latest in phone functionality, but without the expensive upfront system costs. It also gives you incredibly attractive monthly rates. Switching to a cloud-based PABX means you can upgrade to a state of the art phone system AND dramatically reduce your spend on telecommunications.

NBN Phone Systems

Advantages of Hosted Cloud-Based PBX

By having a hosted cloud PBX you will have fewer expenses when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Your hosted PBX is managed by a third party so when and if problems do occur you have a full IT team ready to get you moving again 24/7.

Cost of calls are generally set plans, so if you are making hundreds or thousands of calls a month you only pay 1 set fee, and this fee usually includes the cost of your phones and hosting plan.

Hosted cloud PBX has no complex infrastructure you need to pay for to get your businesses telecommunications up and running, it’s all done over your internet connection

Using a hosted PBX allows your communications requirement to update and grow and the speed you need. No updating old PABX phone system hardware when your business grows. You can seamlessly transition from a single office, to multiple office nationally or internationally without any downtime by having to upgrade your phone system.

Having a dedicated IT department off-site through your hosting provider allows for faster upgrades and maintenance. Saving money on not having to pay for an in-house staff to control and maintain your PBX will also be a game-changer for many businesses.

 A hosted PBX system can be relied on to connect every single call without any lag response time, delays or lapses in call quality. Clear and present call reception and never any crackles of pops like traditional PSTN line. With old Telstra copper line connection, you could have a couple of days of rain and the pits would fill with water, and your call quality could go from clear to unusable in a matter of days. Now with IP phones your calls will remain clear even in a downpour.

When disaster does strike and living in Australia, we only know too well about natural disasters like bush fires, storms, and floods. Your communications are usually one of the first casualties of this. A disruption to your phones can mean a loss of business, productivity and can severely affect the bottom line. By having a hosted PBX will solve this problem because your infrastructure is protected in a secure environment. This means even in an emergency you can carry on as normal while your competition is losing sleep and money.

Cloud PBX Features

Call Transfer

Ability to transfer calls to someone else’s extension

Call Park

Park a caller by transferring them to extension 70; voice prompt reads out what slot they are using (e.g. slot 71). The person who needs to pickup the call dials 71 to answer; this can also be configured as an option on most soft-key programmable phones – Exetel provides the Cisco SPA500 and SPA300 series devices which can be configured with this function.

Day/Night Mode

Setting day/night mode on a user’s phone allows them to push callers to a specific function, such as the receptionist’s voicemail. A receptionists can also have a divert to mobile or a “switch” to push any callers to a ring group if they are away from their desk – alternatively, some prefer to use Day/Night mode in place of Time Conditions to switch callers to a voice prompt reading their standard operating hours and to leave a voicemail or call back during these hours – returning to the office in the morning requires you to switch back into day mode to resume regular operations.

Follow me & Call forward

What is call forward?

Call forward allows you to forward all calls to your number/ extension to another number, such as a mobile if you are away from your desk. Call forward can be set on the phone by using the call forward button.

What is Follow me?

Follow me is similar to a call forward, think of it like an “intelligent call forward”, it allows you do flexible things like ring on an extension number first, e.g. for 30 seconds, and then go to mobile if no one answers. You can also set it to ring two extensions simultaneously, say someone has a roaming/mobile extension for travelling use, setting a follow me to both extensions will make them behave as if they are one extension. Follow me cannot be set from a phone, it must be set from the Cloud PBX management interface.


Conference rooms can be setup with basic dial codes, if you dial 001, 002 from your handset you could be presented with a conference room. You may also have messages for joining the conference. When users leave it can be announced, a maximum number of participants can also be set. Exetel can also set your conference room in such a way that it is accessible from the outside world with a Direct in-dial number – in these circumstances, a conference PIN should be set to prevent misuse.


Announcements are: recordings plus an action. An announcement is configured in such a way that it first of all plays the announcement/recording, and can then perform an action afterward. For example, imagine that a user wants a custom message for their voicemail, and they’ve recorded it professionally. First of all, you upload the recording, then you create an announcement with this recording associated to it. You link this announcement to the action that takes place if their extension is not answered (e.g. go to voicemail after recording is played)

Extension Dialling

Each user on the system is allocated an extension and can be reached via this extension. Extensions can cross state lines and still be on the same system, thereby providing you with a free call.

Speed Dial

Use short dial strings to call other people, e.g. 01 might dial the CEO’s mobile number

Paging and Intercom

Allows you to broadcast to everyone on a paging group, for example, someone is waiting at the reception desk, receptionist pages a group/team rather than dialling a user – this goes to speakerphone by default and the receptionist may announce something equivalent to “Stuart, person A is at the front desk for you”

Group pickup

Is used in a small office where people can hear other ringing extensions, user dials *8# to pick-up the call if another person is away from their desk. This can also be set as a button on most soft-key programmable phones.

Music on hold

Play custom music while your customers are waiting for you to answer their call. We offer a default ‘free’ music file if you can’t provide your own. Music on hold needs to be in a specific format:

• WAV/PCM format

• 8000 Hz

• Mono

• 16 bit

We can give you the right to add music – however: You must ensure that you have the APRA and PPCA licence for any music that has a copyright associated – this is deemed to be broadcasting (over a telephony system), to broadcast copyright material over a phone system legally one acquire both of these licences, if there are ever any enquiries about these items from APRA or PPCA, Exetel and the customer (you) could both be held liable for violation of the copyright act.

Voicemail to email

This simply attaches any voicemails into an email as a .wav/audio file and emails the recipient’s email address. To be 100% clear this is not “voicemail to text”

Ring groups

Works well for sales/quick response queues. If 0280301040 is setup as a ring group, all Exetel Corporate Sales phones would ring for the person calling until the first person answered, after a set time it can go to a new group or to voicemail. Time limit: 5 minutes.

Interactive Voice Response

“Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support” – followed by sub-menus. Customers must provide Exetel recordings on IVRs, we do the menu build and you provide the recording

Time conditions

Allows you to configure times of day that a certain IVR or call flow takes place – examples: Outside of business hours calls might divert to mobile, or they might be greeted by a prompt that says “we are closed, please call back between 9am and 5pm”.

Miscellaneous Destinations

Miscellaneous destinations allow you to setup a number to dial outbound that can be specified in the cloud PBX or as part of the IVR options. For example, pretend that you have an outsourced IT company and they need to be reached on a specific number, but when customers call up you want to present this as an option to them. So they choose 4 for technical support – in the Cloud PBX you can have an option that says if Option 4 is selected –> Misc. destination: dial the outsourced IT Company Outsourced IT company has the number 0280301000 associated to it, so when the person calling chooses option 4, it goes to the misc. destination which then dials the number to get to the IT company.


You can have voicemail on the cloud PBX for each and every extension, and passcodes can be set to restrict access.

Basic CDR call reporting

The Exetel Cloud PBX provides some basic call reporting functionality.

Business Services 

NBN coming soon? We can help your businesses make the switch and transition seamlessly 

We partner with Exetel to provide these amazing services. We have been in the industry for over 30 years and work with ISP’s and Telcos on a daily bases.  We have always found Exetel to go that little bit further when it comes to understanding the needs of our small and big businesses clients. So we are happy to work together to bring you the best NBN business plans and services. 

Managed Services

Save thousands each year on IT contractors or staff? Managed services is the way to go

Cloud pabx NBN phone system

NBN Phone Systems

Upgrade to a managed cloud-based PBX for businesses on NBN for hassle-free com’s

NBN Business Plans

We can help you find the best business package to suit your needs big or small

Small & Big Business

We have solutions for small businesses as well as national companies with many locations

NBN technician priority

Technician Priority

Need a technician for installations or faults? Get our priority service in Sydney

NBN Fibre Plans

Does your business need fibre? We can provide end to end solutions at great prices

Installations & Faults

We are Sydney’s number 1 ACMA registered technician service. Faults and Installations

Fax to email sydney

Fax to Email

Fax to Email is the ability to have an incoming fax received into your email inbox

What people are saying about us.
Jason was both prompt and professional. I was very happy with the service he provided. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again
Barbara Natta
06:39 02 Dec 20
Jason from Secure A Com is your go-to for any networking services. Very reliable, professional and lots of detail and care in what he does. Highly recommend.
Christopher James
22:12 19 Oct 20
All I can say is if you need a job done correctly, call Jason at Secure A Com. As I am working from home like many these days, and in preparation for the NBN cut over in my area I needed some connection issues and advice on the best way to set my home up to enable me to work and also have my young family connected with all their wifi needs. Jason provided professional and unbiased advice, whilst also finding the most cost effective solution for me. I highly recommend Secure A Com and Jason - 100%
Andrew Katramados
07:52 16 Sep 20
I am very happy with the work SECURE A COM has completed for me. Jason is courteous, professional and punctual. Jason will go the extra mile to make sure the problem is resolved or identified and provides thorough documentation and video of his visit. I will be contacting SECURE A COM when I have my next comms issue. I cannot recommend highly!
Alan W
02:02 10 Sep 20
Very helpful, informative and thorough.Secure A Com explained the process simply to me and gave me all the options available to what I need done.If you want a technician that is prompt, reliable and puts in the hard work for your money then look no further.Will definitely be recommending to family and friends.
Bianca Proctor
02:47 07 Aug 20
Thank you for the inspection, recommendation and installation of NBN cabling to our property. I highly recommend your quick response, reliability and great service
Lesley Pavlis
11:02 11 Jun 20
I am so impressed with Secure A Com. After dealing with my service provider for weeks & weeks & still getting no where, it was such a pleasant experience to work with Secure A Com. I was able to book in a day & time that suited me, the technician arrived on time and the issue was sorted quickly and easily without any fuss. Highly recommended.
Kerry Els
19:13 14 May 20
Excellent service from Jason, very polite. I required the NBN connection to be moved from the front of the house to the office in the back room upstairs. Ensured that everything was up and running before leaving.Very professional, I would highly recommended Secure a Com.
Rosie Argiropoulos
01:26 25 Apr 20
We were thrilled with the service that Jason provided us with. We had been struggling with our new NBN set up and were a bit worried that it was going to be an issue to fix, but Jason was able to fix everything quickly without any fuss, allowing us to go on with our day-to-operations. Would very much recommend!
Creative Learning Preschool
06:09 24 Feb 20
As a retired engineer, I really appreciate the professionalism shown by Jason in connecting the NBN landline and internet from the main house to our separate "granny flat" at the rear of the block. He was punctual and completed the task within the time he had allowed. His phone number is definitely in my list of contacts.
William Stewart
23:53 23 Feb 20
A neighbour recommended Secure A Com after watching some of its YouTube posts regarding installations. On calling Jason, it didn't take too long for me to realise Jason knows what he's talking about. On assessing our internet requirements onsite, he provided us numerous alternatives even if it meant less work opportunity for him. Also, very professional website, easy to understand scope of works with pricing and booking/confirmation service. I recommend Secure A Com for all your internet/network installations.
Kerry Mullins
10:22 09 Jan 20
Jason, is knowledgeable and patient. he was able to reassure me that my problem is not one within my confines but a line problem for Telstra. He was a great help and I have no problem in recommending him.
Brendan Donohue
07:41 13 Dec 19
After the technician attended my home he was unable to resolve my fault, and explained that it appeared that there was a fault between the Telstra exchange and my house. He did re-write the house for NBN and moved the existing ADSL to another room. The resultant internet connection was actually worse. A Telstra technician then attended my house and confirmed that there was a fault between the Telstra exchange and my house. Caused by recent rain.He also checked the Secure A Com's work and identified two issues. The Double RJ45 Socket fitted by Secure A Com needed a filter to separate the landline and ADSL connections. SECURE A COM stated that they did say filters had to be added. I resolved that by fitting a filter myself, but will also have to do the same for all the phones in my house.I was impressed by Secure A Com's initial response, comminication eg automatically creatinf a diary entry for my calender etc, as well as the technician who attended my house.
Steve Bender
05:23 15 Nov 19
My Mum and Dad were over the moon with the work Jason did at their home today. The NBN set up wasn't ideal for their telephone requirements, and he sorted it out quickly and efficiently. Jason is friendly, polite, patient and helpful. 100% recommendation.
Melissa Weir
08:50 01 Nov 19
I was very happy withe the service they provided. They arrived promptly and gave very good advice. I would have no problem recommending them. Even my son, who only expects the best, was impressed.
Antoinette Plater
01:17 29 Oct 19
ON time, polite and efficient and quick to get job done and offer advice.
Tony Lameri
00:56 14 Oct 19
Jason was friendly and extremely professional - he fixed all issues we had after our switch to NBN. Would highly recommend Secure a Com!!
06:33 03 Oct 19
Jason resolved our issue speedily & efficiently. He was friendly, extremely helpful & very patient! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
Eleanor Durward
14:22 25 Sep 19
Jason really knows his stuff. If you have trouble with phone or internet ring secure a com. They will find the problem and tell you the best way to fix it and if it is a network problem or phone company problem and they should fix it. Great work Jason, will use you again if needed. Thanks again Secure A Com.
William Rea
11:08 06 Sep 19
Jason was absolutely brilliant. I told him the issue I was having and he quickly and efficiently told me exactly what the issue was and how to get it remediated via Telstra and NBN. And thanks to his video, there is some great evidence to prove the point. Thanks Jason!
Matthew Ridolfo
20:45 26 Aug 19
Thanks Jason for doing a great job, keep up the good work and Videos .
Mick Perkins
07:26 20 Aug 19
Jason was AMAZING!! We had so many issues - telephones, NBN, internet & International streaming systems. He FIXED EVERYTHING! He was so kind and patient with my elderly parents. I would recommend Jason and Secure A Com to anyone with tech issues. You are wasting your time & money using anyone else. Thanks Jason.
Nikki Zongas
04:44 17 Jul 19
Jason and his team are amazing, Great Quality of workmanship, very knowledgeable . Can be trusted to work on their own accord. I was extremely happy to find them as a new business partner Highly recommended !Thank you
Boris Shen
00:01 12 Jul 19
Jason was a great help with a difficult intermittent problem. I appreciated how he clearly explained what he was doing, and further steps to take if the problem persisted. He was also very thorough and took his time to fix properly, unlike the previous 5 NBN technicians we had out.
Jason Persson
02:56 09 Jul 19
Jason provided a fantastic and friendly service, and was able to visit and resolve the phone socket issue at my residence at very short notice. After searching online, I was glad to stumble on Secure A Com, and wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to others. Thank you!
Ali Beydoun
09:49 14 Jun 19
I've now used Secure A Com twice and would recommend them to anyone. Friendly service and excellent skills. Called on one occasion to advise they were stuck in traffic and were running late. 'It's the small things'. Jason was very knowledgeable and efficient and a good bloke to top it all off. Great company to deal with. Sam
Sam Laverty
10:21 15 May 19
I've now used Secure A Com twice and would recommend them to anyone. Friendly service and excellent skills. Called on one occasion to advise they were stuck in traffic and were running late. 'It's the small things'. Jason was very knowledgeable and efficient and a good bloke to top it all off. Great company to deal with. Sam
Sam Laverty
10:01 09 May 19
Quite possibly the only positive thing when doing NBN , I rang these guys after 7 months of drama with Telstra I was in a desperate need and the owner commented that he could tell I needed someone to do their job.... he then moved a bunch of work around and made me an appointment the very next day.I rang at 4pm and the appointment was set for 12pm and to my amaze the technician was 2 hours early. the technician "Jason" was a true blue good guy and was really knowledgeable and helpful when I was asking his opinion on the location of the item.this will not be the only review I write I cannot recommend Secure A Com more highly
08:08 01 May 19
I can thoroughly recommend Secure a com. Jason has installed data cabling for me in the past and recently solved another issue with our internet connection. I am so happy with the results. I will definitely use Secure a com for any other issues that may crop up. The service was prompt, professional and efficient.
07:15 09 Apr 19
Excellent communications and service. Jason found a difficult job and managed to get the primary need finished in a quite short timeframe, with a second visit arranged to finish off.
Jim McVey
08:46 27 Feb 19
Extremely easy to book, friendly technician who was incredibly helpful and fixed our issue promptly. Very happy customer!
Rachel Flay
08:06 06 Feb 19
Jason of Secure A Com arrived right on time for our appointment. He very quickly found the fault on my mother's phone line, which two Telstra technicians/contractors could not find, and rectified the fault straight away.I have no hesitation in recommending Jason as a very professional technician.
Gary Schulz
05:44 04 Feb 19
Jason, thank you for doing a great job. Very professional and thorough. You found the problems and fixed them. Also you confirmed what work does not need doing. This helped us enormously. We really appreciate your service to SSNA.
Garry Haberecht
00:16 17 Jan 19
Jason is an awesome technician, I'd recommend him to everyone. He spent hours to troubleshoot every single pair of cable in my apartment and finally fixed my 2-week-down internet connection 🙂
Thang Le
00:49 06 Dec 18
As Jason said, telephone noise faults can pose a challenge. Jason thoroughly tested our system, settled our noise fault and provided options for future solutions if required.
gordon Lever
05:18 03 Dec 18
Highly recommend Secure A Com, not only was Jason very helpful in installing our cables he was also able to quickly troubleshoot our faulty internet cables
John Khalil
03:07 13 Nov 18
Great service, they provided me with a lot of advice prior to the job, arrived right on time, extremely friendly and very proffesional. I highly recommend Secure A Com
Adrien Vermande
05:42 16 Oct 18
Jason is a true professional. A former highly skilled Telstra technician, Jason has wealth of knowledge and he understands the frustrations of both residential and business users. He knows the network inside out, thats why I refer my clients with network issues to Jason. Cheers Gary
Gary Rockliff
16:32 28 Sep 18
Jason was very helpful and he did great job.
Itojo Hardie
00:49 24 Sep 18
Jason from Secure A Com was amazing. After weeks of being screwed around by telcos, he came the day after I called and was able to identify the fault right away. He definitely knew his stuff.
Asia Lenard
01:23 05 Sep 18
Had NBN installed, but the other phones in the house didn't. They go all our phones working again. Very very happy.
Juan Alvear
00:16 13 Aug 18
Great Service! We couldn't be happier with how our office relocation went. We have over 20 workstations, the boys from SECURE A COM wired our new office for phones and data. They even went to our old locations removed all the rack equipment and installed at our new Epping office. Completed the project on time and at a very reasonable price. What more could you ask for.
Paul Stein
00:59 12 Aug 18
Top service! Fast response to my enquiry, excellent customer service and follow up. Highly recommended!
Samantha Getty
01:29 11 Aug 18
I cannot speak more highly of Secure A Com. We moved into a new house and had huge issues with our new broadband installation. It was installed not only where it was completely inaccessible, but our internet was dropping out constantly and our phones would not work at all. Jason from Secure A Com could not believe where the previous tech had installed the service and not only did he move it for us, he rectified our internet issues and our phone service. He was one of the most accommodating and polite tradespeople I have ever met. A huge thumbs up from me
Jodie Lee
00:16 11 Aug 18
We cannot recommend these guys enough! The service was perfect....on time, polite and explained in plain English. The issue was quickly found and resolved immediately. no muss, no fuss.
wayne fogg
22:22 02 Aug 18
Prior to SECURE A COM coming out onsite, my ADSL 2+ was connecting at 256Kb/s downstream. We had previously had an electrician come out attempt to fix the issue, but never completed the job as they were unable to locate the IDF. Jason was able to methodically determined where the problem was, locate the IDF, and fix the problem. He continued to work on the problem even after restoring the connection to ~3Mb/s because he knew from his initial testing that it could go faster. Thanks to his efforts, my internet is now connecting at its maximum possible speed of ~7Mb/s. Jason works to a quality and customer satisfaction level that exceeds other trades people. I definitely recommend SECURE A COM as they are very profession, thorough, and go above and beyond to ensure the issue is fixed.
Anthony Grasso
01:40 21 Aug 17
David Barkho
05:39 18 Jul 17
Jason was fantastic, arrived on time was able to provide everything I needed in order to get Telstra to acknowledge that there's a fault on my line. After 2 months of arguing with providers it appears Telstra has finally admitted there is a fault between my unit and the exchange.
Bryan R
01:10 18 Jul 17
Highly recommend. Professional,prompt service accompanied by a written report of work done.
Margaret Thomas
05:08 20 Mar 17
Prompt and capable but didn't read written request, needed to talk in person.
Alison Clouston
03:17 20 Feb 16

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