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Two Way Telephone Splitters

Two Way Telephone Splitters

The Uvital two-way phone splitter is simple and easy to use device that retains the phone quality but is only separated by one cable. It’s great for people with voice over internet service as well because it gets your splitters out of the way and won’t affect your sound quality. Easy plug and play installation with no tools required. Get this wonderful resource today!



Colour Name:Two Way Splitter

Want to share your phone line between two devices? The Uvital Male to 2 Female Converter Cable RJ11 6P4C Telephone Wall Adaptor and Separator for Landline is the perfect accessory. Great for managers who need a telephone, but can’t afford a line. This two-way splitter is best used when you want to plug two phones or devices into one phone jack, making it great for households with VOIP units or rooms that don’t have jacks in their ceiling points on the wall. Installation only takes seconds without any tools required and does not affect sound quality because of advanced technology, high-quality materials and design.
Packaging includes 2 splitters in white colour which will do wonders in

Intelligent RJ11 2-way telephone splitter is a specially designed phone device that you can plug two devices into one wall jack. It allows two telephones or modems with an AU plug to connect to a single US telephone socket, enabling simultaneous use of the phone line for multiple lines. Also works great with FAX machines and Ooma VOIP telephony units.
Uvital PD112 RJ11 Splitter
– 6P4C connection for most standard phones – One side has a male (6) 4c (RJ-11) connector where your telecom wires emerge from the back of your desk and the other side has female, dual sockets like on old-style home phones connected by a separate cord; reduces costs when adding

The product is simple to use and perfect for the soon-to-be office. It gives you plenty of options for your work space with two ways to be plugged into a single wall jack, meaning that you can have both a computer and phone in one spot or have two telephones throughout a home. The durable material gets the job done when it comes to saving outlets!

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