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Installing a New Cable from Point of Attachment to FTTC Socket

At SECURE A COM, we specialise in locating and repairing intricate NBN internet faults, and our experience allows us to handle complex challenges with finesse. In this detailed case study, from a job in the Sutherland Shire, we will explore a recent job where we addressed persistent issues of NBN dropouts and slow speeds by replacing the faulty cable with a 2-pair gell-filled cable.


The client was plagued with consistent problems:

Numerous interventions by NBN technicians and contractors have failed to rectify these problems. That’s when SECURE A COM was called in to diagnose and resolve the issues.

Initial Inspection

Our initial inspection indicated two main problems:

  • Bridge Taps: These needed to be bypassed as they were potentially affecting the connection.
  • Damaged Cable: The main insulation had come away, and the copper was exposed, potentially causing the dropouts.

The solution required a new installation of a 2-pair gell-filled cable to replace the defective connection.

Phase One: Diagnosis and Preparation

Separation of Cables and Inspection

We began by separating the affected cable and thoroughly inspecting the connections to ascertain the faults.

  • Identification of Damaged Area: The compromised part of the cable was easily spotted where the main insulation had come away.

The decision to Replace it with 2 Pair Gell-Filled Cable

Given the severity of the damage, we decided to replace the existing cable with a more robust 2-pair gell-filled cable.

Phase Two: Installation

Running the New 2 Pair Gell-Filled Cable

The installation of the new cable required precision:

  • Bypassing Bridge Taps: We carefully bypassed all bridge taps that were contributing to the problems.
  • Cable Routing: We ran the new 2-pair gell-filled cable in specific locations, a complex task that required working from a stepladder and in confined spaces.

Termination and Connection

  • Secure Connections: We connected the new cable to the existing loading cable and ensured all connections were solid.

Clipping and Routing under the House

  • Careful Clipping: We clipped the cable meticulously, taking care to route it properly under the house.
  • Positioning for Final Connection: We pulled the cable to the required position, preparing it for the final connection.

Phase Three: Final Installation and Testing

Pulling and Connecting in the Final Position

  • Intricate Pulling Through: We connected the new cable to the old one, pulling it through a specific path to ensure a flawless setup.
  • Final Connection: We joined the old place to the new place and pulled the cable under.

On-Site Testing and Client Approval

Conclusion: A Success Story

This case serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled service. By leveraging our expertise in the telecommunications industry, we were able to pinpoint the root causes and implement a lasting solution using 2 pairs of gell-filled cables.

The success of this complex repair underscores our status as one of the best NBN fault-finding services in Sydney. If you face similar challenges or need assistance with any internet service, phone, or data cabling, reach out to us at 02 9188 1577. Our team of registered cablers is here to serve you from Monday to Friday, 7 am to 5 pm.

Jason Kearney

Jason Kearney

Head Internet Technician

Jason Kearney is the Head Technician at SECURE A COM, with qualifications spanning NBN, ADSL, phone, and data cabling. Starting as an electrician, Jason quickly delved into the telecommunications sector, leading crucial projects like the rehabilitation of the Telstra network. With credentials in both managerial and technical aspects, he now specialises in phone line and NBN fault location and repair, serving both homes and businesses with effective and personalised telecommunications solutions

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