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Jason Kearney SECURE A COM

Jason Kearney

Head Technician Sydney

Qualified for: NBN, ADSL, Phone, Data, Cat6, Cat5, Fiber, Electrical, Coax, Underground, Aerial, Line Technician, Pit & Pipe.

Specialty Service: Phone line and NBN, ADSL fault location and repair. 

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Starting my career in the electrical field, I soon discovered a compelling fascination for the intricate world of data and communications. My interest eventually led me to diversify my expertise into large-scale data cabling installations, honing my practical knowledge and skill set.

From 1997 to 2000, I took on a crucial role in a significant project aimed at revamping the Telstra network between Sydney and the Central Coast in the wake of its privatisation. Occupying a managerial position, my responsibilities extended beyond mere cabling tasks; I was also involved in strategic network planning and operations.

Following this, I ventured independently into specialised installations of network cabling, joints, lead-in cables, and pillars. This period further polished my technical acumen, while exposing me to various field challenges. Expanding my professional credentials, I am certified as a linesman, diagnosing and repairing faults in the Telstra network, executing pots and ADSL line installations, and operating across multiple telephone exchanges from Sydney to Wollongong.

Driven by an ambition to serve the public and businesses directly, I transitioned from contractual roles within Telstra to a more customer-facing role. My extensive background in network systems and data cabling allows me to deliver effective telecommunications solutions to both homes and businesses. The direct interaction with clients has not only been rewarding but has also reinvigorated my enduring passion for the industry.

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