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RJ11 Phone Cable Joiner

RJ11 Phone Cable Joiner

Hook up your phone lines with this professional-grade RJ11 Phone Cable Joiner. This device allows you to extend two existing telephone lines, which save space and provide a cleaner look. With its compact size and durable construction don’t worry about unsightly boxes just add connection points that are easy to install!



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The RJ11 Phone Cable Joiner is used to connect and extend two existing telephone lines with an R11 telephone connector at both ends. It has high fidelity sound quality, exquisite workmanship, strong anti-interference ability and low signal attenuationcoefficient. Provides good solid connection without signal loss. Universally is compatible with all RJ11 devices such as landline phones, fax or answering machines etc. The wide tone of voice: professional

RJ11 inline coupler has been designed to be used as an RJ11 phone cable. They are utilized for piecing together two existing lines with an R-11 connector on each side and extending the connection through a telephone line box in order to provide communication of two stations, extend the distance for telephone signal reception when distances between stations are exceeded by standard cables
It is constructed from environment-friendly materials, this device provides high-quality sound transmission without static or distortion. Also, their compact design ensures ease of installation while powerful anti-interference ability prevents inductive noise which may disrupt effective signal performance during extension.
Rj 11 couplers very easy to install and ensure trouble-free operation plus excellent voice quality over extended distances for communication of devices located

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