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Do I take my NBN box when I move?

Should I take my NBN box when I move?

Should I take my NBN box when I move?


I’m in the process of relocating to a new home and I’m unsure about what to do with my current NBN box. Should I pack it up and bring it with me to the new place, or is it best to leave it at my current address? I don’t want to face any connectivity issues at my new residence. Can you advise

Put the NBN box down gently and back away!

Put the NBN box down gently and back away!


When you’re moving house, you might wonder whether to take your NBN box with you. The answer is straightforward: you should leave it behind. Each NBN connection box is specifically coded to the residence where it was installed.


Even if you were to take it to your new home, it wouldn’t function. If you move to a new place and find the connection box missing, you’ll likely have to wait for your service provider to issue a replacement, which could delay your internet setup at the new location. If you accidentally damage your NBN connection box during the moving process, it’s recommended not to attempt any repairs on your own. Instead, contact your service provider for guidance and potential troubleshooting.

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