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NBN FTTC Socket Relocation & Bridge Tap Removal In Sydney 

So this job today was a fibre-to-the-curb customer who wanted to relocate their socket to a new location so it was more convenient for them. NBN had used the existing cabling inside this home and this home was Wired for ADSL.

So on my first inspection, I jumped up into the ceiling of this house and I had a bit of a look around and I could see that the leading cable was attached to a cat 5 cable.  That cat 5 Cable then went back to a star connection inside the roof from there, three separate cables were running back to three separate sockets inside the house.

Wiring a house like this is problematic because you can have what is known as a bridge tap on the service. Now, this customer was experiencing lots of dropouts on her service and removing this bridge tap would give her greater speeds and would also stop the dropout issues.

So what I did to remedy this problem was to find the existing cable that was on the same wall as the wall that the customer wanted the new socket. she already had an existing old Telstra socket that had a cat 5 cable running back to the star connection inside the ceiling.  I then used a toner to locate the individual cable at the star connection and then connected it back to the cable that was connected to the lead-in cable coming from the street. 

Then I extended that cable that was on the same wall as the socket that she wanted the new NBN socket on. I drilled through the wall putting a wall box on the external part of the wall running a conduit along the wall to the new location where the new socket was to be installed.

Then I ran a new CAT 6 cable from the old socket location to the new socket location. I bypassed the old socket and connected the cat 5 to the cat 6 with Scotch locks then put a new socket on in the new location.

Then I  plug the FTTC connection device into the new socket and waited for all the lights to come on. All the lights came on then I plugged in the modem and Wi-Fi access point and everything worked. The speeds jumped up at this stage from 30 megabits when I first tested it now testing of full 52 megabits.

This will also stop the NBN Fibre to the kerb connection device from dropping out because the bridge tap has also been removed from this circuit


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