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With NBN ramping up its installation across Australia, we are receiving an increasing amount of angry NBN customers calling up for help with the impractical location NBN contractors are installing their NBN box or NTD. (network termination device)

We have helped many customers now who have had NBN installation contractors install their NBN box in stupid locations. Not only are these contractors installing them in inaccessible and impractical location but go against NBN rules for installation. Unfortunately, at this time NBN is NOT regulated by the ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) so we have been providing our clients with a few options to handle this epidemic.

How We Help

Option 1: We are providing an inspection report with photo evidence and videos to hold the NBN installation contractor to account, once we have proven that this NBN installation is against NBN’s own rules and guidelines, they generally send back the installing contractor to do the job again and install it in a proper and convenient location.

Option 2: We can relocate your NBN box, otherwise called NTD to a more convent location in your home.

Option 3: Run high speed Cat6 cable from the NTD to a location of your choice where you can set up your modem/router for optimal performance.

With the permission of one of our clients we are going to share this job that we attended about 3 weeks ago, this is one of the worst jobs we have visited yet for this kind of stupidity. 

NBN NTD Installation Case Study 

NBN NTD and Modem Installed 2.5 Meters above Floor Level in Croobyar

This customer had moved into a new home and decided after careful consideration that they wanted to use NBN as their internet technology. NBN sent out a technician to do the installation. On the day, the NBN installing contractor arrived he told the customer that the only location the he could install the NTD was in the customers kitchen, 2.5 meters above the floor level. At the time, the customer thought that this was a ridicules location but the tech insisted that this was the only location on their property that this NTD and modem could be installed due to rules and regulations.  This is 100% rubbish, as you can see from the image below which is from NBN’s contraction installation guide, it says, “The NBN connection box (Network Termination Device / NTD) must not under any circumstances be installed in any of the following locations: Bathroom, shower or toilet, Laundry, Sauna, spa or pool area  Kitchen area,  Poorly ventilated cupboard  Near heater  Verandah or patio Ceiling, wall or floor cavity.


The customer called us about a week after the installation to find out how to get their phones working as the installer never told them what they needed to do to use their phones with a new NBN service. She happened to mention the location of the NBN box and told us that she was extremely dissatisfied with its current location, and contracted us to get her phones working and to inspect and write a report to NBN on their behalf.

The video above is a short clip detailing the stupidity of this installation, as part of the proof and report we gave to the customer as part of our “option 1” service.

The customer called me 3 days ago, after NBN had escalated their case after our intervention and advised us that the original installation “technician” had just called her and called out for a visit, and this is the story she just told us.

The tech had called her and was extremely irate that he had to return to fix up this job at his cost. He showed up to the client’s house in a pair of ripped board shorts, the customer said that she could see his backside they were ripped so badly, he was also wearing a singlet because he had just come straight from a surf.  He was speaking to her in a rude manner and kept telling her that the spot he had installed it was fine, and he is governed by certain rules and regulations, (that he obviously knows nothing about) and then proceeded to tell the customer that all he would do for her is install the NBN box on the opposite side of the wall in exactly the same location at exactly the same height.

He kept telling her that is all he is going to do for her and that is the best she is going to get. That means that the NBN box will be in her office but it will still be 2.5 meters above floor level smack bang in the middle of the wall. This is outrageous.

She then asked the tech, “so, what type of trade did you do before becoming an NBN installer, electrical, data, telecommunications?” and he said, “No I was a chef”

NBN is not using skilled tradesmen for these installs, so they have little to no knowledge on working in a tradesman like manner. To be fair this is not all the NBN installers, some are great, but I would say that the majority are like this guy, unskilled and don’t give a rat’s ass.

So, now we are waiting to hear back from this customer to see if he has done the right thing. If he doesn’t we will be stopping by for a visit again and this time we will do the job ourselves and the customer will be passing on our bill to NBN, and I’m sure they will pass that bill onto this cowboy installer.

Choosing Us To Help You With Relocating your NBN Box

If you find yourself in a similar situation don’t hesitate to contact us to tell us your story, I’m sure we can help you with one of our three options.

Option 1: Reporting and Documenting case for NBN revisit.

Step 1: Call and speak to one of our highly skilled technician about your issue.

Step 2: We will set up an appointment for our head technician Jason to visit your premises

Step 3: He will write a full PDF report and take photos which you will receive on the day.

Step 4: He will video his finding as added proof and upload to our YouTube channel

Step 5: He will create and online report with all information and send you a link

Step 6: You will need to contact NBN and provide link and PDF report

Step 7: NBN contactor should then return to relocate if NBN deem this not in their guidelines.

Option 2: Relocating NTD – NBN Box 

Step 1: Identify original installation path and determine if this will be the right option for you.

Step 2: Inspect new NBN box location and work out cable route for best results

Step 3: Install new copper, coax, fibre to location from the PCD (outside connection) or copper lead in or coax box.

Step 4: Check NBN box for operational status

Step 5: Reconnect all equipment and test for fully functional operation and run speed test for good measure.

Step 6: Commission work

Option 3: Run High Speed Cat6 data cable and install modem in new location

Step 1: Inspect existing NBN box location

Step 2: Identify cable route for optimal performance

Step 3 Run high speed high spec Cat6 data cable to new location

Step 4 Install Cat6 socket and connect modem with Cat6 patch lead

Step 5: Run modem and test for full operation of service

Step 6: Run speed test and commission work

If you are unsure about anything at all please call us for a chat we are happy to help you as much as we can. We are really here to help you, our clients always come first, you will have us in your corner for through the whole process if you need us to be.


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