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NBN Cabling For Granny Flat

Do you have a granny flat?

We are Sydney’s number one go-to company for cabling granny flats for NBN. We have connected loads of Granny Flat to NBN, ADSL, and Cable internet services. If you are looking for advice or information regarding getting your granny flat connected to the NBN or another kind of service give us a call to discuss, or you might find what you are looking for here in this post.


There are some services that are easier to connect than others, and some granny flats have been thought out and planned better in the building stage than others too. The best case would be that the builder of the flat would leave an underground conduit connecting your granny flat to underneath the front house. This can save lots of time and money in the long run. It is much easier in the build stage to install this conduit now

If your builder has not thought of this then this will need to be a consideration in getting your cables from the main house to your flat. This can sometimes be the most expensive part of getting a granny flat connected. If the builder has not left a conduit another alternative is to run a tension cable between the main house and the granny flat above ground and bypassing any civil work that may need to be completed.


If your granny flat does not have a separate address to the main house, this can cause problems when calling an ISP to get an NBN connection. If they can’t see an address or only see one address, they might refuse you service, as they won’t have you registered in their system. If this is the problem you are having, you will need to contact your local council and apply for this.


Having Fibre to The Premises (FTTP) is probably the best NBN technology you can have for getting your internet service working in a granny flat. FTTP box inside your home allows for 4 data services and 2 phone services from separate ISP’s. This means you only need a Cat6 cable run from the main houses NBN box to an inside the granny flat. Then all you must do is plug in the modem from your ISP and away you go.


Having one of these other NBN technologies can be a little trickier. With any of these other services, you will need to also have a lead-in cable from the pit or pole in the street to the NBN box at the side of your granny flat. This can sometimes be problematic as the front house might have 2 cables already inside this conduit. This means there might not be any room inside this conduit for your new NBN lead-in cable.

This is where getting your Granny Flat connected can start getting expensive. If you need a conduit dug in from the NBN pit to the front house and need a conduit from the front house to the granny flat too, you can be looking at a pricy job here to get this completed.

We find its about 50/50. Half of the time the company that builds the granny flat has really thought out all the cabling requirements, this makes getting connected straight forward and cost-effective. The other half of the time we must give the bad news to our customers and tell them there is no infrastructure in place to supply and new NBN cable. We then can price the job according to what needs to be done to complete civil and cabling work.

Using one service.

Sometimes the granny flat is not for renting out but its to house relatives or friends of the owner of the front house. If this is the case, you also have the option of sharing the main houses NBN service and connecting the granny flat via WIFI or Cable. Doing this is sometimes the best option if you have a relative living there. You only need to pay for one service, and everyone can share it. This is a money saver for not only do you have one service that the cost can be shared but also it removes the need for a second lead-in cable to be run to connect the second service.

Sharing Lead-in cables.

This is not advised but sometimes when we tell our customers about this, they want to use it. The Telstra copper lead-in cable is generally a 2 pair cable. This means it can carry two services in one physical cable. If you need a new lead-in cable to get the granny flat working another alternative id=s to share the existing lead-in cable the belongs to the front house.

The problem with doing this is that if the front house ever has a lead-in cable issue, then there are no spare pairs to use. This means that now the front house will have to wear the cost of getting a new copper or lead-in cable installed.

We have performed many installations for Granny Flats around Sydney. We are happy to answer any questions on NBN cabling installations for Granny Flats. Get in touch for a free chat about your needs.

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