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The NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Upgrade Explained

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The NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Upgrade Explained

What is Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)?

FTTP, or Fibre to the Premises, is a state-of-the-art technology that brings fibre optic cables directly to your home or business. Unlike older technologies that rely on copper wires, FTTP provides a pure fibre connection, ensuring lightning-fast and reliable internet access.

Full Fibre Capabilities

Full fibre provides access to the highest residential speed tiers (NBN 100, NBN 250, and NBN 1000), delivering a more reliable internet experience with wholesale download speeds close to 1 Gbps. This means smoother streaming, faster downloads, and a seamless online experience.

Comparison with Existing Connections like FTTN

A Side-by-Side Comparison of FTTP with Older Technologies

FTTP offers superior speed, reliability, and scalability compared to older connections like FTTN. The upgrade to FTTP will enable speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps, a significant improvement over existing services.

Government’s Investment and Timeline

Detailed Breakdown of the Federal Government’s Investment

The Australian government has invested in the FTTN to FTTP upgrade plan, with a total of $3.2 billion promised, including $2.4 billion announced in October. This substantial investment underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing Australia’s digital infrastructure.

Upgrade Goals

NBN Co aims to upgrade 10 million premises or up to 90% of its FTTN customers to FTTP ‘Home Ultrafast’ by the end of 2025. Currently, over 4.36 million Australian households have or can order full fibre, marking significant progress in this ambitious project.

How to Check Eligibility and Get Started

Eligibility and Process

Eligibility for the upgrade can be checked on the NBN website. Customers in eligible areas can sign up for an NBN 100 plan or higher, and the internet provider will handle the upgrade. NBN Co stated that when eligible customers order a plan based on an eligible wholesale speed tier, the existing copper lead-in will be replaced with a fibre lead-in.

Affordable Plans & Recommended ISPs

We see daily just how important it is to pick the right internet provider when it comes to having a great internet experience. One of the ISPs that consistently provides a great service to our customers is Aussie Broadband. That’s why we have no problem recommending them to our clients. We have no affiliation with them but we see them constantly outperform other ISPs with customer service. Check out this post we did about one of these experiences for an Optus customer who just couldn’t get them to fix an NBN problem they were having.  Aussie Broadband Vs Optus 

So if you want our two cents Aussie is who we recommend. You can check eligibility with Aussie for FTTP Upgrade here. You can see Aussies Broadbands Internet prices here. 

Significance of Upgrades

The upgrades are particularly significant for FTTN customers, who are currently serviced by a slower type of fixed-line NBN. The transition to FTTP represents a transformative improvement, offering unparalleled speed and reliability.

As we continue to explore the world of FTTP, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Your journey to a faster and more reliable internet connection starts here, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way!


Things You Will Need To Know About Your Cabling Responsibility


The installation of the NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) upgrade is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a transformation of your home’s internet infrastructure. Understanding your cabling responsibility is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition. Here’s what you need to know:

Two NBN Boxes for FTTP Service

Explanation of the External and Internal NBN Boxes

The NBN FTTP upgrade requires the installation of two distinct NBN boxes:

  • External NBN Box: Installed on the outside of your premises, typically near existing telecommunications equipment. It connects the optical fibre from the street to your property.
  • Internal NBN Box (Network Termination Device): Installed inside your premises, converting the optical signal for use by your router and other devices.

Together, these two boxes form the core of your FTTP connection, enabling high-speed internet access.

Typical Installation Locations and Potential Issues

The typical installation locations for these boxes can present challenges:

  • External Box Location: Usually near the front of the property, it must be accessible and free from obstructions.
  • Internal Box Location: Typically within 1.8 meters of the external box, common locations include garages or front rooms, often bedrooms.

Potential issues may arise if these locations do not align with your preferences or existing setup, such as aesthetics or convenience of access.

The Need for New Cabling

Why New Cabling is Required for Router Relocation

The location of the internal NBN box may not coincide with your current router’s location. If you wish to keep your router in its existing place, new cabling will be required. This cabling connects the internal NBN box to your router, allowing for flexibility in your internet setup.

Potential Disruption and Challenges

Installing new cabling can be a complex task, with potential challenges:

  • Disruption to Home Layout: Temporary changes to your living space may be required, such as moving furniture or drilling holes.
  • Aesthetic Considerations: Careful planning ensures that the cabling is discreet and aligns with your home’s aesthetics.
  • Technical Expertise Required: Proper installation requires knowledge of cabling standards and practices, ensuring a reliable connection.

Understanding your cabling responsibility is not just about knowing what will happen but preparing for it. With proper planning and expert assistance, the transition to FTTP can be a seamless experience, enhancing your internet connectivity without disrupting your home’s harmony. Feel free to reach out for guidance and support as you embark on this exciting technological journey! We have a private NBN Technician ready to help you today.

FTTP Pre-Installations NTD (Inside Box) Relocation Process

The video below shows how one of our clients wanted their NBN FTTP inside-box in a very specific location. NBN will not do this kind of work, they will only install the NTD in a location that is easy for the installation contractor. This shows one of the many kinds of services we help with when customers are going to have an NBN fibre upgrade. Get in touch to find out more.


The NBN Full Fibre Upgrade is an exciting opportunity to enhance your internet experience, but it also comes with complexities that require professional handling. That’s where SECURE A COM steps in. With our expertise in NBN fault-finding and cabling services, we offer comprehensive support for both pre and post-installation needs.

Pre-Installation Services

Running Conduits and Cabling for Desired Internal Box Location

The location of the internal NBN box is crucial for your convenience and aesthetics. SECURE A COM offers customised solutions to run conduits and cabling to your desired internal box location, whether it’s in your living room, office, or any other preferred spot.

Coordinating with NBN for a Smooth Installation Process

Our team works closely with NBN to ensure a seamless installation process. From scheduling to on-site coordination, we handle all the details, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected surprises or delays.

Post-Installation Services

Running a Data Cable from the NBN Inside Box to the Current Router Location

If your current router location doesn’t align with the new internal NBN box, we provide a hassle-free solution. Our technicians will run a data cable from the NBN inside box to your current router location, preserving your existing internet setup.

Ensuring Minimal Disruption to the Existing Internet Setup

We understand that your internet setup is integral to your daily life. Our post-installation services are designed to ensure minimal disruption, with careful planning, efficient execution, and thorough testing to confirm everything is working perfectly.

Why Choose SECURE A COM?

Overview of Your Expertise in NBN Fault-Finding and Cabling Services

With a rich history in the telecommunications industry since 1997 and a registered company since 2008, SECURE A COM is a name synonymous with quality and expertise. Our team of registered cablers specialises in NBN fault-finding, cabling services, and much more.

Assurance of Quality, Insurance, and Qualifications

Choosing SECURE A COM means choosing peace of mind. Our services are backed by:

  • Quality Assurance: We adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring top-notch workmanship in every project.
  • Insurance: We are fully insured, providing an extra layer of protection for our clients.
  • Qualifications: Our team holds all the right qualifications to perform the work we do, reflecting our commitment to professionalism and excellence.

At SECURE A COM, we’re not just providing a service; we’re partnering with you on your journey to a better internet experience. Reach out to us today and discover how we can make your NBN Full Fibre Upgrade a smooth and satisfying experience!

If you are in Sydney or on the Gold Coast and want to have us come to your home or business and work out a solution to either run a cable that will allow you to have your router/gateway in the location you want it. Click here to book now. Or if you want us to come to your home or business and provide and plan and quotation to run conduits and cables pre NBN fibre upgrade then click here to book now. 

Australia's Internet Speed Ranking Worldwide

Australia’s Internet Speed Ranking Worldwide

Australia’s internet infrastructure has seen significant improvements over the past few years, particularly with the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN). However, the country’s ranking in terms of internet speed can fluctuate depending on various factors. Here’s an overview of Australia’s standing:

Global Ranking

As of the latest data, Australia ranks 59th in the world for average fixed broadband speed. This places the country behind many developed nations but ahead of several others.

Factors Influencing the Ranking

  • Infrastructure: The NBN has been a major factor in improving internet speeds, but the type of technology used (FTTP, FTTN, HFC, etc.) can affect the overall performance.
  • Urban vs Rural Divide: Internet speeds can vary widely between urban and rural areas, with remote regions often experiencing slower connections.
  • International Connectivity: The number and quality of international connections can influence the speed of international data transfers.

Comparison with Other Countries

  • Ahead of: Countries like Brazil, South Africa, and India.
  • Behind: Many European countries, the United States, Singapore, and South Korea.

Future Prospects

Australia’s internet speed ranking is expected to improve as the NBN rollout continues and as investments in technology and infrastructure increase. The focus on enhancing connectivity in rural areas and upgrading existing networks will likely contribute to higher average speeds in the coming years.

The ongoing commitment to the NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Upgrade is a testament to Australia’s dedication to bridging the digital divide and fostering a connected future. With the right planning and collaboration, the nation is poised to climb the global rankings, offering a robust and reliable internet experience for all its citizens.

Top 60 Countries Ranked by Internet Speed

RankCountryAverage Download Speed (Mbps)Average Upload Speed (Mbps)
2Hong Kong231.7212.26
3South Korea220.47173.61
16United States155.32119.23
23United Kingdom144.12107.01
25New Zealand141.01104.57
33Czech Republic128.5794.81
48Saudi Arabia105.2476.51
49South Africa103.6975.29

The upgrade process has officially commenced, with the announcement at the close of December 2022 that 550,000 locations across Australia are now eligible to begin the transition. You can click this link to verify your address on the NBN Co’s website.

A list of suburbs has been designated for upgrades, but the specific timing for each area has not yet been provided by NBN Co. Due to the extensive number of suburbs included, it may be helpful to use the Ctrl + F function on your keyboard to quickly locate your suburb name.

New South Wales

Abercrombie, Aberglasslyn, Acacia Gardens, Adamstown, Adamstown Heights, Airds, Albion Park, Albion Park Rail, Albury, Alexandria, Allambie Heights, Alstonville, Ambarvale, Angourie, Annandale, Anna Bay, Appin, Ashmont, Austinmer, Avalon Beach, Avoca Beach, Balgownie, Bangalee, Bankstown, Banora Point, Barnsley, Barrack Heights, Barrack Point, Bar Beach, Basin View, Bass Hill, Batehaven, Batemans Bay, Bathurst, Beaconsfield, Beaumont Hills, Bella Vista, Belmont, Belmont North, Beresfield, Berkeley, Berowra, Berowra Heights, Beverly Hills, Bilgola Plateau, Blackbutt, Blackheath, Blackwall, Blairmount, Blayney, Blue Haven, Bogangar, Bolwarra Heights, Bonnells Bay, Booker Bay, Booragul, Bossley Park, Bowral, Bowraville, Bradbury, Brighton-Le-Sands, Broadmeadow, Brookvale, Broulee, Budgewoi, Buff Point, Bundanoon, Bundeena, Bungendore, Byron Bay, Cabarita Beach, Calala, Callala Bay, Callala Beach, Camden Park, Camden South, Cameron Park, Campbelltown, Camperdown, Campsie, Canley Vale, Canterbury, Canton Beach, Cardiff, Cardiff South, Carnes Hill, Carramar, Casino, Castle Hill, Casuarina, Casula, Catalina, Caves Beach, Cessnock, Charlestown, Charmhaven, Cherrybrook, Chinderah, Chipping Norton, Claymore, Clyde, Coledale, Collaroy, Condell Park, Cooks Hill, Cooks Hill Corlette, Coolangatta, Cooma, Coonabarabran, Cooranbong, Cordeaux Heights, Corlette, Corowa, Cowra, Cringila, Cronulla, Crosslands, Croydon Park, Culburra Beach, Currans Hill, Dalmeny, Darlinghurst, Darlington, Davistown, Dee Why, Denhams Beach, Deniliquin, Double Bay, Dubbo, Dundas Valley, Earlwood, Eastwood, East Albury, East Ballina, East Tamworth, Eden, Edgeworth, Eglinton, Elderslie, Eleebana, Elermore Vale, Enfield, Enmore, Epping, Erina, Ermington, Erskineville, Ettalong Beach, Fairfield, Fairy Meadow, Farmborough Heights, Figtree, Fingal Bay, Fingal Head, Fletcher, Flinders, Forbes, Forresters Beach, Forster, Gateshead, Georges Hall, Gerringong, Gerroa, Gilgandra, Gladesville, Glendale, Glenfield Park, Glenhaven, Glenmore Park, Glenroy, Glenwood, Glen Alpine, Glen Innes, Goonellabah, Gorokan, Goulburn, Grafton, Granville, Green Point, Green Valley, Griffith, Gulgong, Gunnedah, Gwynneville, Halekulani, Hamilton, Hamilton South, Hamlyn Terrace, Hammondville, Harrington, Harrington Park, Hastings Point, Haywards Bay, Helensburgh, Hillsborough, Hillvue, Hinchinbrook, Holmesville, Holsworthy, Homebush, Homebush West, Horningsea, Horningsea Park, Hoxton Park, Hunters Hill, Hunterview, Huntleys Cove, Inverell, Islington, Jamisontown, Jerrabomberra, Jindabyne, Kahibah, Kanwal, Kariong, Katoomba, Keiraville, Kellyville, Kellyville Ridge, Kelso, Kensington, Killingworth, Kincumber, Kingscliff, Kingsford, Kingswood, Kings Langley, Kirrawee, Kooringal, Kotara, Kurnell, Kurri Kurri, Lakelands, Lake Haven, Lake Heights, Lake Illawarra, Lake Munmorah, Lambton, Laurieton, Lavender Bay, Lavington, Leichhardt, Lennox Head, Lennox Heads, Leura, Lewisham, Lisarow, Lithgow, Liverpool, Llanarth, Long Beach, Macksville, Macquarie Hills, Macquarie Park, Maianbar, Maitland, Maloneys Beach, Mannering Park, Mardi, Marmong Point, Marrickville, Maryland, Maryville, Mascot, Medowie, Menai, Merewether, Merewether Heights, Merimbula, Middleton Grange, Milton, Mitchell, Mittagong, Mollymook, Mollymook Beach, Montefiores, Moree, Moss Vale, Mount Annan, Mount Austin, Mount Hutton, Mount Kembla, Mount Ousley, Mount Pleasant, Mount Warrigal, Mudgee, Murwillumbah, Muswellbrook, Nambucca Heads, Narara, Narellan, Narellan Vale, Narrabri, Narrandera, Narrawallee, Narromine, Nelson Bay, Newcastle, Newcastle East, Newcastle West, Newtown, New Lambton, Niagara Park, Norah Head, Noraville, North Albury, North Batemans Bay, North Kellyville, North Lambton, North Manly, North Nowra, North Richmond, North Sydney, North Tamworth, North Wollongong, Norwest, Nowra, Oak Flats, Ocean Shores, Old Bar, Old Erowal Bay, Orange, Ourimbah, Oxley Vale, Paddington, Padstow, Palm Beach, Parkes, Parklea, Parramatta, Pemulwuy, Petersham, Picton, Port Kembla, Port Macquarie, Pottsville, Prairiewood, Prestons, Primbee, Punchbowl, Quakers Hill, Raglan, Raymond Terrace, Rhodes, Rosebery, Rosemeadow, Rouse Hill, Rozelle, Ruse, Rutherford, Ryde, Salamander Bay, Sanctuary Point, San Remo, Saratoga, Scone, Seven Hills, Shellharbour, Shell Cove, Shoalhaven Heads, Shoal Bay, Shortland, Singleton, Singleton Heights, Skennars Head, Smeaton Grange, Smithfield, Soldiers Point, South Albury, South Bathurst, South Golden Beach, South Grafton, South Nowra, South Penrith, South Tamworth, South Turramurra, South West Rocks, Speers Point, Spring Farm, Stanhope Gardens, Stanmore, Stockton, Strathfield, St Georges Basin, St Helens Park, St Peters, Suffolk Park, Sunshine Bay, Surfside, Surf Beach, Surry Hills, Sussex Inlet, Sutherland, Swansea, Tahmoor, Tarro, Telarah, Terranora, Terrigal, The Hill, The Junction, The Ponds, Thirlmere, Thirroul, Thornton, Thurgoona, Toronto, Toukley, Towradgi, Tuggerah, Tuggerawong, Tullimbar, Tumut, Tuncurry, Turramurra, Tweed Heads, Tweed Heads South, Tweed Heads West, Ulladulla, Umina Beach, Unanderra, Valentine, Villawood, Vincentia, Voyager Point, Wadalba, Wagga Wagga, Waitara, Wallabi Point, Wallsend, Wamberal, Wangi Wangi, Waratah, Warilla, Warners Bay, Warrawong, Watanobbi, Wattle Grove, Wauchope, Wellington, Wentworth Falls, West Albury, West Bathurst, West Hoxton, West Kempsey, West Pennant Hills, West Tamworth, West Wallsend, West Wyalong, Wetherill Park, Whitebridge, White Rock, Wickham, Windale, Windang, Windradyne, Wollongbar, Wollongong, Wollstonecraft, Wombarra, Woodbine, Woodcroft, Woolwich, Woongarrah, Woonona, Woronora Heights, Worrigee, Woy Woy, Wyee, Wyoming, Wyong, Wyongah, Yamba, Yass, Yattalunga, Young, Zetland

South Australia

Aberfoyle Park, Adelaide, Albert Park, Andrews Farm, Angle Park, Angle Vale, Ascot Park, Athol Park, Balaklava, Beaumont, Belair, Bellevue Heights, Beverley, Blackwood, Blair Athol, Blakeview, Bowden, Bridgewater, Brooklyn Park, Burton, Cheltenham, Christies Beach, Christie Downs, Clare, Clearview, Clovelly Park, Coromandel Valley, Craigmore, Croydon Park, Davoren Park, Eastwood, Edwardstown, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Downs, Elizabeth North, Elizabeth South, Enfield, Ethelton, Evandale, Evanston Park, Exeter, Ferryden Park, Findon, Flagstaff Hill, Frewville, Fullarton, Gawler South, Gepps Cross, Glanville, Glenunga, Globe Derby Park, Golden Grove, Goolwa, Goolwa Beach, Grange, Greenwith, Gulfview Heights, Hackham, Hackham West, Hahndorf, Hallett Cove, Hallet Cove, Happy Valley, Hawthorn, Hawthorndene, Hazelwood Park, Highgate, Huntfield Heights, Hyde Park, Joslin, Kilburn, Kilkenny, Largs Bay, Largs North, Linden Park, Littlehampton, Malvern, Mansfield Park, Marion, Mawson Lakes, Maylands, Melrose Park, Mitchell Park, Moonta Bay, Morphettville, Morphett Vale, Mount Barker, Mount Gambier, Munno Para, Munno Para West, Myrtle Bank, Nairne, New Port, Noarlunga Downs, Northfield, North Haven, O’Halloran Hill, Old Reynella, Osborne, Ottoway, Parafield Gardens, Paralowie, Para Hills West, Parkside, Park Holme, Pasadena, Penfield, Pennington, Peterhead, Plympton Park, Pooraka, Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Port Noarlunga, Queenstown, Renmark, Renown Park, Reynella, Reynella East, Risdon Park, Rosewater, Roxby Downs, Royal Park, Salisbury, Salisbury Heights, Seaton, Semaphore, Semaphore Park, Semaphore South, Sheidow Park, Smithfield, Smithfield Plains, South Plympton, Stepney, St Clair, St Marys, St Peters, Tanunda, Taperoo, Tennyson, Thebarton, Walkley Heights, West Lakes, West Lakes Shore, Willaston, Wingfield, Woodcroft, Woodville Gardens, Woodville North, Woodville Park, Woodville South, Woodville West


Acacia Ridge, Agnes Water, Airlie Beach, Albany Creek, Alexandra Headland, Allenstown, Andergrove, Annandale, Arana Hills, Aroona, Arundel, Ashgrove, Ashmore, Atherton, Avenell Heights, Avoca, Ayr, Bahrs Scrub, Bald Hills, Banksia Beach, Bargara, Barlows Hill, Battery Hill, Bayview Heights, Beachmere, Beaconsfield, Beaudesert, Beerwah, Bellara, Bellbowrie, Bellmere, Belvedere, Benowa, Bentley Park, Berrinba, Berserker, Bethania, Bilinga, Biloela, Birtinya, Blacks Beach, Blackwater, Black River, Bli Bli, Bohle Plains, Bokarina, Bongaree, Bonogin, Bowen, Bowen Hills, Boyne Island, Bracken Ridge, Brassal, Brassall, Bray Park, Brendale, Bridgeman Downs, Brinsmead, Browns Plains, Bucasia, Buccan, Buddina, Buderim, Bulimba, Bundaberg Central, Bundaberg East, Bundaberg North, Bundaberg South, Bundaberg West, Bundall, Bungalow, Bunya, Burdell, Burleigh Heads, Burleigh Waters, Burpengary, Burpengary East, Burrum Heads, Bushland Beach, Caboolture, Caboolture South, Caloundra, Caloundra West, Camira, Cannonvale, Cannon Hill, Cannon Valley, Capalaba, Carindale, Carrara, Carseldine, Cashmere, Castaways Beach, Chinchilla, Clermont, Clifton Beach, Clinton, Collingwood Park, Condon, Cooee Bay, Coolangatta, Coolum Beach, Coomera, Cooroibah, Cooroy, Cooya Beach, Cornubia, Craiglie, Crestmead, Currimundi, Currumbin Waters, Dalby, Darling Heights, Darra, Deception Bay, Deeragun, Depot Hill, Dicky Beach, Diddillibah, Dolphin Heads, Doolandella, Douglas, Drayton, Drewvale, Dundowran Beach, Durack, Dysart, Eagleby, Earlville, Earville, Eatons Hill, Edens Landing, Edmonton, Eight Mile Plains, Eimeo, Emerald, Everton Hills, Everton Park, Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills, Fig Tree Pocket, Flagstone, Flinders View, Forest Lake, Fortitude Valley, Frenchville, Freshwater, Gatton, Gaven, Gilston, Gladstone Central, Glass House Mountains, Gleneagle, Glenella, Glenvale, Golden Beach, Goondiwindi, Goondi Bend, Gordonvale, Gracemere, Grange, Greenbank, Griffin, Gympie, Harristown, Hay Point, Heathwood, Helensvale, Heritage Park, Highfields, Highland Park, Holloways Beach, Holmview, Idalia, Inala, Ingham, Innisfail, Jacobs Well, Jensen, Jimboomba, Jones Hill, Jubilee Pocket, Kanimbla, Karalee, Karana Downs, Kawana, Kawungan, Kearneys Spring, Kedron, Kelso, Keperra, Kepnock, Kewarra Beach, Kingaroy, Kings Beach, Kin Kora, Kippa-Ring, Kirwan, Koongal, Kuluin, Kuraby, Labrador, Laidley, Lammermoor, Landsborough, Lawnton, Little Mountain, Loganholme, Loganlea, Logan Reserve, Logan Village, Lowood, Machans Beach, Main Beach, Maleny, Mango Hill, Manoora, Mansfield, Manunda, Marcoola, Marcus Beach, Mareeba, Marian, Maroochydore, Maryborough, Maudsland, McDowall, Meadowbrook, Meridan Plains, Millbank, Milton, Minyama, Mirani, Moffat Beach, Moggill, Molendinar, Monoora, Mooloolaba, Mooroobool, Moranbah, Morayfield, Mossman, Mountain Creek, Mount Coolum, Mount Cotton, Mount Louisa, Mount Pleasant, Mount Sheridan, Mount Warren Park, Mudgeeraba, Mudjimba, Murrumba Downs, Nambour, Narangba, Nerang, Newport, Newstead, Newtown, Newtown (4350), Nikenbah, Ningi, Noosaville, Noosa Heads, Norman Gardens, North Ipswich, North Lakes, North Mackay, Norville, Oakey, Ormeau, Ormeau Hills, Oxenford, Oxley, Pacific Paradise, Pacific Pines, Paddington, Palmwoods, Palm Cove, Paradise Point, Park Avenue, Parrearra, Pelican Waters, Peregian Beach, Peregian Springs, Petrie, Pialba, Pimpama, Pine Mountain, Point Vernon, Port Douglas, Proserpine, Raceview, Rainbow Beach, Rasmussen, Redbank, Redland Bay, Redlynch, Reedy Creek, Regents Park, Richlands, Robertson, Robina, Rockhampton City, Rockville, Roma, Rosewood, Rosslyn, Rothwell, Runcorn, Rural View, Sandstone Point, Sarina, Scarness, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Shailer Park, Shelly Beach, Sinnamon Park, Sippy Downs, Slacks Creek, Slade Point, Smithfield, Southport, Southside, South Gladstone, South Toowoomba, Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Stafford, Steiglitz, Stratford, Stretton, Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Sunrise Beach, Sunshine Beach, Surfers Paradise, Svensson Heights, Tamborine Mountain, Tannum Sands, Taranganba, Teneriffe, Tewantin, Thabeban, The Gap, The Range, Tin Can Bay, Toowoomba City, Torquay, Townsville, Trinity Beach, Trinity Park, Tugun, Tully, Twin Waters, Underwood, Upper Caboolture, Upper Coomera, Upper Kedron, Urangan, Urraween, Varsity Lakes, Victoria Point, Wakerley, Walkerston, Walkervale, Wandal, Wangan, Warana, Warner, Warwick, Waterford, Wellington Point, Westcourt, White Rock, Whitfield, Wilsonton, Wilsonton Heights, Windaroo, Wondunna, Woodgate, Woorim, Woree, Worongary, Wulguru, Wurtulla, Wynnum West, Yamanto, Yaroomba, Yeppoon, Yorkeys Knob, Zilzie

Australian Capital Territory

Ainslie, Banks, Braddon, Campbell, Casey, Charnwood, Conder, Dickson, Dunlop, Gordon, Hume, Kingston, Lyneham, Macgregor, Monash, O’Connor, Reid, Turner, Yarralumla

Western Australia

Albany, Alexander Heights, Alfred Cove, Armadale, Ascot, Ashfield, Attadale, Atwell, Aubin Grove, Australind, Aveley, Balcatta, Baldivis, Balga, Banjup, Banksia Grove, Bassendean, Bayswater, Beaconsfield, Beckenham, Bedford, Beechboro, Beeliar, Belmont, Bennett Springs, Bentley, Bertram, Bibra Lake, Bicton, Boulder, Broadwater, Bunbury, Burns Beach, Busselton, Byford, Camillo, Cannington, Canning Vale, Carey Park, Carramar, Caversham, Churchlands, City Beach, Claremont, Clarkson, Cloverdale, Collie, Coogee, Coolbellup, Coolbinia, Cooloongup, Currambine, Daglish, Dalyellup, Darch, Dawesville, Denmark, Dianella, Doubleview, Double View, Duncraig, Dunsborough, East Bunbury, East Cannington, East Fremantle, Eaton, Eden Hill, Edgewater, Ellenbrook, Embleton, Falcon, Ferndale, Forrestdale, Forrestfield, Fremantle, Geographe, Girrawheen, Glendalough, Glen Iris, Gosnells, Greenwood, Guildford, Gwelup, Halls Head, Hamersley, Hamilton Hill, Hammersley, Hammond Park, Highgate, High Wycombe, Hillarys, Hillman, Hilton, Hocking, Huntingdale, Iluka, Inglewood, Innaloo, Jandakot, Jandakot South, Jane Brook, Joondalup, Joondanna, Kalamunda, Kalgoorlie, Karawara, Kardinya, Karrinyup, Kelmscott, Kewdale, Kiara, Kingsley, Kinross, Koondoola, Lakelands, Lake Coogee, Landsdale, Langford, Leederville, Leschenault, Lesmurdie, Lockridge, Lynwood, Madeley, Maida Vale, Malaga, Manjimup, Marangaroo, Margaret River, Marmion, Martin, Maylands, Mckail, Melville, Menora, Merriwa, Middle Swan, Midland, Midvale, Mindarie, Mira Mar, Morley, Mosman Park, Mount Claremont, Mount Hawthorn, Mount Lawley, Mount Nasura, Myaree, Nollamara, Noranda, Northam, North Beach, North Coogee, North Fremantle, North Perth, O’Connor, Orana, Orelia, Osborne Park, Padbury, Palmyra, Parkwood, Parmelia, Perth, Piara Waters, Piarra Waters, Port Denison, Port Kennedy, Queens Park, Quinns Rock, Quinns Rocks, Redcliffe, Riverton, Rivervale, Rockingham, Roleystone, Rossmoyne, Safety Bay, Samson, Scarborough, Secret Harbour, Seville Grove, Shelley, Shoalwater, Sinagra, Sorrento, Southern River, South Bunbury, South Fremantle, South Guildford, South Kalgoorlie, Spearwood, Spencer Park, Stirling, Stratton, St James, Subiaco, Success, Swan View, Tapping, The Vines, Thornlie, Trigg, Tuart Hill, Two Rocks, Viveash, Waikiki, Wandi, Wannanup, Wanneroo, Warnbro, Waroona, Waterford, Wattle Grove, Wellard, Wembley Downs, Westminster, West Busselton, White Gum Valley, Willagee, Willetton, Wilson, Withers, Woodbridge, Woodlands, Yakamia, Yanchep, Yangebup, Yokine


Aireys Inlet, Albert Park, Alfredton, Anglesea, Apollo Bay, Attwood, Bairnsdale, Ballan, Baranduda, Barwon Heads, Bayswater, Bayswater North, Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Upper, Bell Park, Bell Post Hill, Belmont, Benalla, Bendigo, Berwick, Berwick South, Blind Bight, Botanic Ridge, Braybrook, Bright, Broadford, Brookfield, Burnside, Burnside Heights, Cairnlea, Campbellfield, Camperdown, Cannons Creek, Capel Sound, Cape Paterson, Cape Woolamai, Caroline Springs, Castlemaine, Chum Creek, Clifton Springs, Cobram, Cohuna, Colac, Connewarre, Corio, Cowes, Craigieburn, Cranbourne, Cranbourne East, Cranbourne North, Cranbourne West, Crib Point, Croydon, Croydon South, Dalyston, Dandenong South, Daylesford, Deer Park, Deer Park (additional footprint), Delacombe, Delahey, Derrimut, Diamond Creek, Doreen, Dromana, Drouin, Drysdale, Eastwood, East Bairnsdale, East Bendigo, Echuca, Eltham, Fairhaven, Ferntree Gully, Flora Hill, Geelong, Geelong West, Gisborne, Glen Waverley, Golden Square, Greensborough, Greenvale, Grovedale, Hamilton, Hamlyn Heights, Hampton Park, Harkness, Hastings, Healesville, Heathcote Junction, Herne Hill, Highett, Highton, Hillside, Hoppers Crossing, Horsham, Hughesdale, Hurstbridge, Indented Head, Inverloch, Jan Juc, Kalimna, Kangaroo Flat, Keilor, Keilor Lodge, Kennington, Keysborough, Kialla, Kilmore, Kilsyth South, Koo Wee Rup, Kyabram, Lakes Entrance, Lake Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Lang Lang, Lara, Launching Place, Leneva, Leongatha, Leopold, Loch Sport, Long Gully, Lovely Banks, Lucknow, Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, Lysterfield, Manifold Heights, Maribyrnong, McCrae, Meadow Heights, Mernda, Middle Park, Mildura, Moe, Moolap, Mornington, Morwell, Mount Martha, Mount Waverley, Myrtleford, Narre Warren, Narre Warren North, Narre Warren South, Newcomb, Newport, Newtown, Norlane, North Bendigo, North Melbourne, North Shore, North Wonthaggi, Oakleigh, Ocean Grove, Pakenham, Paynesville, Pearcedale, Point Lonsdale, Portarlington, Portland, Portsea, Port Fairy, Port Melbourne, Quarry Hill, Queenscliff, Ravenhall, Redan, Research, Reservoir, Rhyll, Riddells Creek, Rockbank, Romsey, Rosebud, Rowville, Roxburgh Park, Rye, Safety Beach, Sale, Sebastopol, Seville, Seville East, Seymour, Silverleaves, Smiths Beach, Somers, Somerville, Sorrento, Southbank, South Dudley, South Geelong, South Melbourne, South Morang, Spring Gully, Strathdale, Strathfieldsaye, St Albans, St Albans Park, St Kilda, St Leonards, Sunbury, Sunderland Bay, Sunset Strip, Sunshine, Sunshine North, Sunshine West, Surf Beach, Swan Hill, Sydenham, Tarneit, Taylors Hill, Taylors Lakes, Thomastown, Tooradin, Tootgarook, Torquay, Trafalgar, Traralgon, Traralgon East, Tyabb, Venus Bay, Wallan, Wandana Heights, Wandong, Wangaratta, Wantirna, Warburton, Warneet, Warragul, Warrnambool, Waurn Ponds, Wendouree, Werribee, West Wodonga, Whittington, Whittlesea, Williamstown, Williamstown North, Wimbledon Heights, Wodonga, Wonthaggi, Woori Yallock, Wy Yung, Yarragon, Yarram, Yarrawonga, Yarra Glen, Yarra Junction


Berriedale, Brighton, Burnie, Camdale, Chigwell, Claremont, Cooee, Devonport, Evandale, Grindelwald, Hawley Beach, Howrah, Huonville, Latrobe, Legana, Longford, Margate, New Norfolk, Ocean Vista, Parklands, Park Grove, Penguin, Perth, Port Sorell, Sandy Bay, Scamander, Shearwater, Shorewell Park, Tranmere, Ulverstone, West Ulverston, West Ulverstone

Northern Territory

Alice Springs, Araluen, Braitling, Ciccone, Desert Springs, East Side, Gillen, Ilpara, Larapinta, Ross, Mount Johns, Sadadeen, The Gap

Jason Kearney

Jason Kearney

Head Internet Technician

Jason Kearney is the Head Technician at SECURE A COM, with qualifications spanning NBN, ADSL, phone, and data cabling. Starting as an electrician, Jason quickly delved into the telecommunications sector, leading crucial projects like the rehabilitation of the Telstra network. With credentials in both managerial and technical aspects, he now specialises in phone line and NBN fault location and repair, serving both homes and businesses with effective and personalised telecommunications solutions

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