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NBN In Home Wiring & Data Cabling 

Do Your Cables Need Upgrading?

Sydney’s most trusted and reputable telephone and Internet technician service. Providing NBN cabling and repairs to homes and businesses across Sydney. We are the go to company for getting the job done right. Our professionalism and transparency in dealing with our clients has got us noticed by many ISP’s, who routinely refer to us when they are looking for the right solution in solving problems for their customers. If you need your home or office wired up with super-fast cat6 data cable so you can take full advantage of the NBN fibre speed? or are having issues with your NBN service, here at SECURE A COM we have you covered. All our telephone and data technician are ACMA approved and accredited

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NBN Ready Your Sydney Home

What we do in preparing your home for NBN.

Supply and install an internal communications cabinet (Home Distributor) combined with a home wiring enclosure.

Supply the pathway (p25 communications conduit with drawstring) from the external PCD location to the fibre wall outlet location.

The fibre wall outlet location should be collocated with the internal NTD and PSU as part of the Home Distributor.

Supply and install internal premises wiring and sockets.

Supply and install patch panel plus patch leads (design and implement network if needed)

Provide for power requirements

Extend the service drop conduit from the property boundary to the external PCD locations.

Brown Fields (existing Homes)

It doesn’t matter if your home is just being built or it is an existing premises, Secure a Com can rewire all the existing points in your home or office to be able to deliver you the full use of the 1Gps speed that the NBN will deliver.

We use a high grade Cat 6 cable which can be run to replace your old two pair phone cable or Cat 5 cable that may be in use at this time.

Cat 6 cables is the minimum required cabling to be run internally in your home or office to be able to take advantage of the 1Gps speed .

We will carry out all the required work to meet specifications for Brown Field Projects.

Benefits of connecting to NBN

Fibre-based telecommunications enables significantly faster speeds. The NBN therefore offers opportunities for more services to be delivered to more devices in the home or office than have previously been possible.

At a minimum these services will include internet access and telephony. However there may be a broad range of new or improved services offered by RSPs over time, such as:

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)


Video calling

Smart energy management

Education delivery

Remote access to company networks.

To maximise the benefit of a connection to the NBN, it is therefore important to take the time to identify the likely future position of customer equipment in individual premises, and to include those requirements in the building design.

Installing in-home wiring in new premises to maximise the opportunities for a fibre-based telecommunications network ensures:

Optimisation of the aesthetics of the building

Potential reduction in the overall cost of establishing the communication service.

Maximisation of the service delivery and flexibility over time.

We also provide any wiring related to NBN networking for your computer network in your home of office .

NBN Cat 6 Upgrade for existing phone lines.

Secure a Com is the best choice for homes and business in the Sydney that want to take full advantage of the full speed that the NBN has to offer. Our Sydney NBN Services home rewire will replace your existing yellow two pair phone cable with the latest super-fast Cat 6 cable so you can take full advantage of the 1 Gps speeds that NBN will deliver.  As you may or may not know NBN does not rewire your internal cable, and your are expected to use an accredited cabler, you can check it out here what NBN say about this.


Two pair phone cable’s just don’t cut it.

Did you know that when your house was wired the electricians of that time had no idea that one day every home in Australia would have a fibre optic cable running to it for communication and Internet. When your home was originally wired in the Sydney the electrician would have wired it in a daisy chain configuration looping from one socket to the next using the only option they had at the time two pair phone cable. This still works fine for making phone calls and using broadband internet. But over the next 10 years the advances in technology and smart homes will yield a new era of home communications and products and service that today we can’t even fathom. NBN is the start of this process it is the infrastructure which all future technology will be built upon. Cat 6 is the logical option for accessing high speed internet and many other services that will be coming over time. Your existing two pair phone cable will act as a bottle neck to the high speeds that NBN will deliver, so you will have super-fast 1 gig per second capability to the side of your house but once it hits your phone sockets the speed will slow down to a trickle .

Let us NBN Ready your Home

Secure a Com can wire your communications pathways for your new home and make sure it will all be to the specification for the NBN fibre connection so when National Broadband is switched on in the Sydney you are ready to go. We specialise in this type of wiring so don’t leave it up to an electrician most of them will not plan for this. You wont want to have to swap out the wires in the next 8 years when the latest products come out and your existing cable will not be within spec. Let Secure a Com get you ready for the future.


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