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A Case Study: NBN Installation Fault Diagnosis and Resolution

In the city of Sydney, a customer faced persistent issues with her NBN installation. Despite having the installation done eight months prior, she experienced continuous problems that required immediate attention. This case study delves into the details of the fault diagnosis, the challenges faced, and the resolution provided by SECURE A COM, one of Sydney’s lead-in NBN fault-finding services.

The Problem

Initial Installation

The customer had her NBN installation done approximately eight months ago. During the pre-check, SECURE A COM ran some cabling in the unit and noticed two separate MDFs with lead-in cables going back out to the pit in the street. One of the cables was old and faulty, while the other was new.

Persistent Issues

Despite notifying NBN and requesting a switch to the new cable, the customer began experiencing problems a few days later. NBN’s troubleshooting led to a suspicion of a faulty Ethernet cable between the FTTC connection device and the router. The customer was left stranded until this could be tested and proven.

Weather-Related Complications

Sydney’s recent flooding exacerbated the problem. The old paper-insulated cable was susceptible to water damage, causing further disruptions.

The Diagnosis

On-Site Inspection

Upon arrival, SECURE A COM’s technician conducted a thorough inspection of the cables and MDF frames. The old cable was identified as the weak link, and the new cable was confirmed to be in good condition.

Ethernet Cable Testing

The technician also tested the Ethernet cable that NBN suspected to be the problem. Using an Ethernet testing device, it was proved that there was nothing wrong with the cable.

Internal Cabling

The internal cabling was all new, except for the cable going down to the MDF. There were no insulation resistance faults, further pinpointing the old lead-in cable as the culprit.

The Resolution

Immediate Fixes

The technician swapped out the Ethernet cable with a new one to keep the ISP, Telstra, satisfied. However, the real solution required moving the connection from the old MDF frame to the new one.

Recommendations to Telstra

SECURE A COM recommended that Telstra send out a tech to sort out the problem and refund the customer for the call-out charge. The technician’s expertise made it clear that the issue was with the network, not the customer’s equipment.


This case study highlights the importance of thorough inspection, accurate diagnosis, and prompt resolution. SECURE A COM’s expertise in NBN fault-finding ensured that the customer’s essential home internet connection was restored.

The situation also underscores the need for ISPs to act responsibly and respond to customer issues without unnecessary delays. Proper installation practices and adherence to quality standards can prevent such problems, saving time and resources for both the service provider and the customer.

In a world where connectivity is paramount, especially for those working from home, this case study serves as a reminder that attention to detail, professionalism, and customer-centric solutions are key to maintaining trust and reliability in the telecommunications industry.

Jason Kearney

Jason Kearney

Head Internet Technician

Jason Kearney is the Head Technician at SECURE A COM, with qualifications spanning NBN, ADSL, phone, and data cabling. Starting as an electrician, Jason quickly delved into the telecommunications sector, leading crucial projects like the rehabilitation of the Telstra network. With credentials in both managerial and technical aspects, he now specialises in phone line and NBN fault location and repair, serving both homes and businesses with effective and personalised telecommunications solutions

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