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SECURE A COM provides you with all your phone, data and TV requirements. Providing phone line repair and installation to home’s and businesses all over Sydney. We provide you with a range of services so you can stay connected in a busy world. You can either book an appointment here on the website or call us to talk to a specialist. We are registered cablers with the Australian Communications and Media Authority.


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Are you are looking for qualified well equipped telephone technician to install or repair your phone line? SECURE A COM has some of the best fault finders in the business. If you have been experiencing a fault on your phone line and Telstra or another Telco has told you that you need a private technician, SECURE A COM is the number 1 go to company in Sydney for locating and repairing your internal phone line and ADSL faults.  No matter if your installation or fault is located in a domestic, commercial or industrial premises we cover them all. Have you been told by your ISP that you require a new Lead-in Cable? We can look after the lot for you, from the digging the trench to installing the conduit and weather proof box, and even supplying and haul the cable ready for your ISP or Telco to connect into the Telstra distribution network. Book online or give us a call today.


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We are a Sydney telecommunications company based in Caringbah in the Sutherland Shire. We provide our services all over the Sydney area.  Phone line repairs or Installation throughout Sydney will be carried out by qualified telephone technician that will provide that appropriate repairs to your phone line so you will be back on the air again in no time. Our Sydney phone technician are expert fault finders and usually will have a fault found and fixing within 1 hour.

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Home computer networking is a great way to have all your computers and devices connected on the one network so you can share files and media across all connected devices. Wi-Fi networks are generally the perfect solution for home networks but sometimes you will find in some large brick homes you may lose your Wi-Fi signal. Having a wired computer network provided you will a steady fast and secure way to connect to your network and the internet. Installing cat5 or cat6 cables throughout the house and having LAN connections in designated rooms will enables you to connect your computer directly through a LAN cable.  Once cabled you could install a range extender so your  Wi-Fi signal can flow through every room of the house. Having a wired connecting enables you a more secure internet connection as it makes it impossible for hackers to connect to your network over a Wi-Fi signal because your network is now only cabled. Wi-Fi is still very secure, the inscription used today makes it a rather large task for someone to crack. So if you are thinking of having a network for you home contact us and let us know what your needs are and we can come up with the perfect solution.


SECURE A COM provides a service to people connected or are thinking about connecting to the NBN. The existing cables in your home are not capable of carrying the NBN speeds. SECURE A COM will install new super high speed cat6 data cable, so you can take full advantage of the super fast broadband speed. Find out more about our NBN Services Sydney


Secure a Com can provide you with a solution that can keep all your devices connected so no matter where you are in the world you can gain access to all your most important files, emails, photos or other media. Cloud based solutions are allowing businesses to cut costs and have all there business applications and data at their fingertips. For the everyday person digital information is being collected at a rapid rate, a personal cloud based solution for storing, accessing and keeping safe you’re most important media and files is becoming more of a must every day. We can implement strategies that will allow you to run your life or business from anywhere on earth.  

Have your computers on a network for business related activities is an essential part or producing a productive and efficient working environment. Computer networks for business come in many configurations but the two most popular are the Peer to Peer network and the client server. Peer to Peer is connecting all the computer and devices you have together and share files and documents between each computer. Client server is having a main hub like a server or NAS to become a centralised place to have all the company document and data, then certain permissions are setup so only persons with the right permissions can access the data.

Have you dug through you Foxtel Cable? Do you need someone there ASAP so you don’t miss your favourite programs? We can repair your damaged Foxtel cable quickly so you can carry on as normal. Find out more about repairing damaged Foxtel cable  
Secure a Com helped us set up a small business computer network and showed us how to keep our files backed up in the cloud. Great Work Guys ! Douglas Oldfield

Very professional and polite, found the fault on our phone line and had us working again within the hour. Thank You Sharon Turner

Great Job !! The new phone line and internet in the boat shed are just fabulous, thanks boys. Connie Stevens

Secure a Com Connected our computer network for our business, very professional and fast. Larry Wilcock

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Registered Cabler's with the ACMA

Secure a Com are Registered Cabler’s with the Australia Communications and Media Authority. We provide a safe and reliable Telecommunication service to your home or office. We hold all the appropriate licences and certifications so you can be assured that you’re receiving a highly trained and qualified telephone technician every time.  Our services can help you streamline your computing and telecommunications needs. We are about providing solutions to problems so you can stay connected and focus on running your business. We provide home and business solutions for making the most out of the multitude of technologies that exist to keep us connected and carry us into the future. If it is a home computer network that you are after or a cloud based solution for keeping your files and important data safe, Secure a Com can plan a strategy around your needs and come up with the best solution to help you and your business grow.